13 Best Burgers In Austin, Ranked

September 29, 2021

Updated since October 2021

Best Burgers In Austin

I love a good burger from time and time and after eating dozens of burgers in town for the past 13 years, here’s my list of the best burger spots in Austin. 

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Now there are good burgers and there are great burgers so I’ve also rated these burgers from a scale of one to ten with ten being the highest. And what goes hand in hand with this guide on the best burgers in Austin is my best French fries in Austin guide.


Better Half burgers

Better Half

The cheeseburgers are only $6 during happy hour and you can choose from beef, chicken, or veggie (Beyond Meat patty). Add on sangria for only $6 too.

Cheeseburgs are only $6 during happy hour from Sunday & Tuesday to Friday from 3pm – 6pm


FRIES RATING: fries are extra

PRICE: $6 during happy hour

406 Walsh St,


Burger at Rosedale restaurant in Austin Texas

Rosedale Kitchen

The house burger at Rosedale Kitchen comes with a double chuck + brisket beef patty topped with American cheese, beefsteak tomato, Bibb lettuce, and charcoal fries. Vegan Beyond burger option is available.



PRICE: $16, fries included

3800 North Lamar,


Hank's Austin | best burgers in austin


I’ve had the cheeseburger at Hank’s more times than I’d like to admit because it’s really good. The burger is also half off on Mondays! 



PRICE: $12, fries included

5811 Berkman Dr,

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Griddle burger at Carpenter Hall

Carpenter Hall

I really wanted to like the griddle burger at Carpenter Hotel but it was over-sauced with their special sauce and oversalted.

You can pick between fries or a green salad – make the right decision in life. I did LOVE the fries but they were also oversalted. 



PRICE: $8, fries included

400 Josephine St,


Kinda Tropical burger in Austin

Kinda Tropical

The burger at Kinda Tropical in East Austin is as straightforward as a burger can be with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo. You can sub a vegan patty for $2 and grilled pineapple for $1.

The curly fries are an extra $7 but they’re SO good and come with two sauces.



PRICE: $10, no fries

3501 E 7th St,


Burgers at Jacoby's in Austin Texas


This is by no means a healthy burger, it’s a dirty burger and by dirty, I mean like it’s oh-so-good and drip-down-your-arms good. Jacoby brand chili and Grizzelda’s queso on a high-quality Jacoby beef patty. Feel free to add on bacon, jalapeno, avocado, and a fried egg – live a little.

You can’t get more Texas than this.


FRIES RATING: 10/10 because they’re CHILI CHEESE FRIES

PRICE: $18, fries not included ($10 cheese & veggie burgers during happy hour)

3235 E Cesar Chavez St,


Dai Due burgers in Austin

Dai Due

I feel like a lot of you guys are going to disagree with me on this rating but maybe Dai Due was having an off day the day I went. The local butcher shop’s Wagyu burger was SUPER salty – I had three glasses of water. I think the burger was salted, the mustard was salted, and the cheese was salty. I did like how peppery the patty was.

Unfortunately, the sweet potato fries were limp and while I appreciate Dai Due made their own ketchup, I don’t like beet ketchup.  



PRICE: $22, fries included

2406 Manor Rd,


Impossible burger at Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

I still remember the first time I bit into that burger at Hopdoddy when they first opened on South Congress and the lines were over an hour long.

I do like the Prime Time burger with a fried egg at Hopdoddy but I love the Impossible Burger that comes with the Impossible Patty. I think they sear the patty on the flat top so it gets a little crispy and I love that texture in my burger. The El Diablo with pepper jack cheese is also a popular option.

And I always get a side of truffle fries. You can make the burger entirely vegan by asking for veganaise and vegan smoked gouda (instead of cheddar cheese).



PRICE: $12.75, fries not included

COVID-19: Hopdoddy is doing curbside pick up.

s congress ave, multiple locations,

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Burger at Josephine House

Josephine House

Another one of my favorite Austin burgers is the house beef burger at Josephine House that comes with Grafton cheddar, harissa aïoli, red onion, and really amazing fries. It’s a classic burger that satisfies. 

The burger is half off during happy hour that’s Monday to Saturday from 3-5pm.



PRICE: $19 with fries (half of during hh)

1601 Waterston Ave,


Clark's Oyster Bar

Clark’s Oyster Bar

The most expensive and my favorite burger in Austin is the pan-roasted black Angus hamburger at Clark’s Oyster Bar because the burger is so juicy and flavorful and because it comes with a mountain of shoestring fries. The burger is $19 but it’s half off on Mondays to Fridays from 3 – 6pm!



PRICE: $21 with fries (half of during hh)

1200 W 6th St,




I was surprised when I visited this food truck for their vegan burger and took a bite of the Bac’n Cheezeburger – HOLY COW.

The Bac’n Cheezeburger has a house-made soy-free and gluten-free patty stacked with house-made seitan bac’n, melted cheese, ketchup, mustard, mayo, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and lettuce.

While the burger is vegan, it’s certainly not healthy. 


PRICE: $9 without fries

1700 E 6th St,


Mighty Fine burgers in Austin Texas

Mighty Fine

I go to Mighty Fine more often than I’m willing to share because it’s inexpensive and I can add in grilled onions and jalapenos in the burger. But more importantly, I get both seasoned crinkle fries and onion rings because they’re SO good.


PRICE: $7.99 without fries

Multiple locations,

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Other burgers in Austin


I haven’t been to Hopfields in probably six years so I’m due for a visit. Their Pascal burger has camembert cheese, cornichons, whole grain mustard, and caramelized onions and on a brioche bun. It comes with pommes frites and aioli. Hopfrields also has a veggie burger with dijonnaise, bib lettuce, Texas heirloom tomatoes, onions, and house pickles.


3110 Guadalupe St suite #400,


Casino El Camino

Yes, I know. No, I haven’t had the burger at Casino El Camino, but I really want to. 

Three-quarters of a pound of charbroiled Angus beef are in every handmade patty. You pick from a traditional egg-washed white bun, focaccia, ciabatta, or jalapeño-cheddar. Beer-braised pork belly is an optional add on, along with bacon and avocado. 

PRICE: $10.50

517 E 6th St,

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Hut’s Hamburgers

After 80 years in business, Hut’s Hamburgers closed their downtown Austin location this past year BUT they are at the Austin Bergstrom Airport!

Austin Bergstrom Airport


Salt & Time

Of all the burger joints that I’ve mentioned above, we should go straight to the butcher. Salt & Time’s butcher’s burger is made with steak trimmings, pickles, and mayo, and comes with a side of beef-fat fries. Have you had it?

PRICE: $10

51912 E 7th St,

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Other great burgers in Austin

  • Contigo
  • JewBoy Burgers – you can also get potato latkes here too!
  • Gourdough’s Public House on S Lamar Blvd (South Lamar)
  • Odd Duck on Burnet Rd
  • Top Notch (7525 burnet rd) – old-school drive-in that first opened in 1971
  • Dan’s Hamburgers
  • Pool Burger – for Hawaiian burgers
  • Counter Cafe – scratch-made curry chicken burger made it on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives
  • P Terry’s – fast food but the drive-thru is so convenient 
  • Sandy’s on Barton Springs – they also have hot dogs!
  • Better Half
  • Luke’s Inside Out
  • Slab BBQ
  • Phil’s Ice Cream – located next to Amy’s Ice Cream
  • Launderette’s Plancha burger on a soft challah bun


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