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Where To Eat In Austin

Le Politique just opened in downtown Austin serving French cuisine for lunch, dinner, desserts, and brunch in a beautiful, bright space.

Visiting Austin? Here’s a curated guide by a local Austin blogger on the top things to do in Austin – outdoor activities, restaurants, and nightlife.

Raining? Go on a whiskey tasting, flying, or play unlimited board games. Here are the top 17 things to do on a rainy day in Austin!

Grilled, roasted, caramelized, or fried? Best brussels sprouts in Austin start with those crack brussels sprouts with fish caramel at Uchiko.

Where To Eat In Dallas

Dallas, you impress me. If I were to pack my bags and move to Dallas, I’d totally set up shop on Greenville Ave. Modern …

I’m a sucker for pretty restaurants so it was no surprise that I instantly fell in love with Gemma in Dallas. Gemma Restaurant reminds …

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A year ago, I adopted Beethoven from the Austin Animal Shelter. See what a day in the life of a cat is like!

Shop smarter at the grocery store and more importantly, save money with the Flipp App!


Before you gawk at the fact that I wake up at 9am – keep in mind that I go to sleep around 3am every night.


Vacation coming up and looking for the best travel camera? I highly recommend the Sony A6300 for its flip screen, compact size, and stunning photographs!

Three things you have eat in Key West: seafood, Cuban food, and key lime pie.

Looking for what to do in Lake Tahoe this weekend? Read our ultimate travel guide to find our recommendations on the best restaurants, activities, and hotels!

Quick guide to Sonesta Hill Country in Texas. The Sonesta Bee Cave spot makes it the perfect little staycation for a relaxing weekend.