10 Best Options For Omakase in Austin

July 27, 2022

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Japanese sushi omakase in Austin Texas

In a state dominated by the western classic that is barbecue, you’d be forgiven for doubting the strength of our eastern eateries. Sushi in Austin stands as proof to never doubt Texas’ potential to change the game. Coming through in the power-packed behind each bite found in our Omakase scene. With chefs breaking the mold, to speakeasies loudly roaring onto must-try lists, these options demonstrate our state’s capable of far more than fantastic brisket.

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Sushi By Scratch Restaurants

The most popular omakase in Austin that’s been sold out for months with a long waitlist (thanks to a shout out by Joe Rogan) is now hidden at the Hyatt Lost Pines resort in Bastrop, Texas. Top Chef’s Phillip Frankland Lee has been awarded Michelin stars for his restaurants in Los Angeles and has now brought this Sushi By Scratch and Pasta Bar to Austin.

The 17-course omakase is truly an experience from the moment you sit down and watch the chefs expertly cut, smoke, and sear sushi into works of Austin. 

Courses: 17-courses

Pricing: $165/person with a $25 deposit to hold the reservation. That deposit goes to the full price and includes same-day valet parking.

Reservations: exploretock.com/sushibyscratchrestaurants

575 Hyatt Lost Pines Rd, Cedar Creek, TX


Osome at home omakase in Austin


Your next favorite dining experience is closer than you think. Sushi Chef John Gocong’s Osome exclusively does house calls. If you have four walls in the Austin area, Osome’s coming over. Providing everything you’ll need the only finger you need to lift is to pop one of the 15 to 23 courses. Chef Gocong applies Japanese cooking & prepping techniques and procures global delicacies for guests to enjoy in the comfort of their homes. Essentially, it’s an introvert’s dream.

Courses: 15 to 23 courses

Pricing: $250 to $320/person. With a platinum option that boosts the courses to a full 24 for those with a craving for an array of nigiri, seasonal Crudo, and desserts.

Reservations: osomeatx.com



If sushi in Central Texas had a landmark, it would be this sophisticated house off South Lamar. From humble beginnings as a dishwasher in Austin, to an internationally recognized taste maker, Uchi Chef Tyson Cole’s illustrious palate can be yours to try with the various Omokase offerings inside the house. The signature tasting offers six courses, with the chef tasting bumping up the plates to a full ten. For those looking to omit the meat, the vegetarian tasting offers nine plates to show off the flavors of the land vs the sea. Pricing ranges for each tasting depending on the market, but if accounting for the impact Uchi has on Austin’s food scene, it’s all priceless.

Courses: signature omakase with 6 courses // chef’s omakase with 10 courses (mix of core menu and specials)

Pricing: $100 for 2 people ($50 per person) // $230 for two people (this is an average)

801 S Lamar Blvd



If Uchi rules South Austin, her little sister restaurant Uchiko runs the north. Offering both the ten-course Chef and five-course Signature tastings at a market price, there is nothing little about this North Austin spot by Chef Tyson Cole. Expect to experience the same above and beyond the quality of Uchi without having to cross the lake.

Courses: signature omakase with 6 courses // Chef’s omakase with 10 courses

Pricing: $90-100 for 2 people // $220-260 for 2 people

Reservations: uchikoaustin.com/dine-in

4200 N Lamar Blvd



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Our city’s affection for speakeasies doesn’t end with just cocktails. Chef Saine Wong’s fourteen courses hide within the East Austin staple, Native Hostel. Taking in all of his worldly adventures and packing them into the six-seat dining space, Chef Saine merges those global flavors into each course. Requiring only $1 for a reservation deposit, the $125 per person experience pushes the boundaries of speakeasies into the foodie realm, backed by the centuries of flavors the world has to offer.

Courses: 14-courses

Pricing: $125/person

Bookings: book via Tock

807 E 4th St



Sushi Junai Omakase

Temporarily closed 

This franchise favorite brings the love to Austin with a 90-minute journey for your taste buds. Whether you want to watch the action at the sushi bar or savor the coziness of their three booths, you’ll delight in the locally sourced plates. Coming in at $150 per person, this 16-course tasting will leave your heart palpitating.

Courses: 16-courses

Pricing: $150/person

315 Congress Ave. #100, Austin, TX

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Otoko Austin - omakase in Austin


The South Congress Hotel might be quintessential Austin, but just behind an unassuming black door is a slice of Tokyo. The twelve-seat experience helmed by Chef Yoshi Okai feels like it’s straight out of a Kubrick movie. The heavenly setting leave every guest forgetting that Texas is right outside.There are three different offerings: Sushi Omakase only available Wednesdays, Classic Omakase which is a multi-course kyoto-style kaiseki omakase, and Kaiseki-Ryori which is a 12-course kaiseki omakase presented only every First Thursday. Prices range from $125 to $295, with options to sample a smaller izakaya menu at the attached Japanese-inspired cocktail bar, Watertrade.

OTOKO releases tickets the first of the month on a rolling 3-month basis. All reservations for OTOKO include a 30-minute cocktail reservation in WATERTRADE prior to dining. Guests cannot book an experience for WATERTRADE on the same day that they are dining in OTOKO.

Courses: Courses range between 12- courses (First Thursday Only) and 20-courses

Pricing: $150-295

Reservations: otokoaustin.com/tickets

1603 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX


Sushi | Bar ATX

Who’d have guessed the adorable Bento Picnic hides a savory secret? Tucked inside the charming bento slinging bungalow sits a sushi speakeasy from LA Chefs Phillip Frankland Lee and Margarita Kallas-Lee. Seventeen courses flow across the private bar in the back. Priced at $145 with a $25 to $50 deposit, the savory secret won’t be kept in the dark for long.

Courses: 17-courses

Pricing: $145/person, with a $25-$50 deposit

Reservations: exploretock.com/sushibaraustin/

2600 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX


Uroko - omakase in Austin Texas


Inside Springdale General, there’s a life-size sushi bar diorama. Framed by white fish scale tiles, a sliver of Japan resides inside. Offering twelve courses in 45 minutes for $78 per person with a $30 deposit, you can dip your toes into omakase with chefs Masa and Také. Their over twenty years of experience effortlessly fit inside the colorful space.

Omakase is Friday and Saturday – starts every hour, on the hour, from 5pm to 9pm.

Courses: 12-courses

Pricing: $78/per person

Reservations: exploretock.com/uroko

1023 Springdale Road Bldg 1 Suite C, Austin, TX


Tsuke Edomae

Chef Michael Che pours his soul into each marinated Edomae-style plate in this eleven-course experience over in Mueller. He tells his story through each piece of nigiri to let each party feel the power Che knows food has. For $79 per person, you’ll get a taste of empathy empowered by sharing an intimate meal with someone dedicated to their craft.

Courses: 11-courses

Pricing: $79/per person

Reservations: exploretock.com/tsukeedomae/

4600 Mueller Blvd #1035

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