37 Top Things To Do In Waco, Texas

May 03, 2022

37 Top Things To Do In Waco, Texas

Waco, Texas, is one of the smaller cities in Central Texas, especially when compared to the neighboring Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. However, don’t let its smaller size fool you; this city packs quite the punch for visitors. With a range of fun attractions throughout the city, especially ones about the city’s unique history and landscape, Waco is a popular city for a day trip.

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In fact, Waco has so many fun places to visit that it can be difficult to decide on where to start. Should you start with the Dr. Pepper museum or with the Waco Mammoth National Monument? Or should you just skip both of those and head to the Cameron Park Zoo to see their impressive collection of animals? So much to do, so little time!

So if you’re looking for a guide that can tell you about all the hottest places in Waco, well, you’re reading it! Here is a list of some of the top things to do when you visit Waco, TX.


Magnolia Silos in Waco Texas

1. Explore Magnolia Market at the Silos

The Magnolia Market is easily one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city that is especially popular for the massive grain silos in its vicinity. The two silos stand at a towering 120 feet, much larger than the surrounding area, making the park easy to find. HGTV celebrities Joanna and Chip Gaines from Fixer Upper are owners of the Magnolia Market, sectioning it off into smaller parts.

There’s so much to do at Magnolia Market – you can easily spend an entire day here eating and shopping for home decor.


  • Magnolia Press – coffee shop with pastries
  • Silos Baking Co. – the iconic bakeshop that Chip and Jo brought back to life on Season 4 of Fixer Upper. Cupcakes, pastries, and other treats.
  • Food trucks – 900 Degree Pizza, Captain Billy Whizzbangs, Chuck’s Gourmet Popcorn, Club Sandwich, Guess Family BBQ, H.O.T. Dog House, Summer Snow, Maggie’s Sweet Shoppe, Silos Baking Co., Airstream, Alabama Sweet Tea, and Luna Juice
  • Magnolia Table – breakfast and lunch restaurant specializing in fresh, homegrown ingredients and good, old-fashioned cooking


  • Chapter One
  • No. 16
  • Tried & True
  • Vie Bien Aimee
  • Reverie

There’s also a big outdoor seating area with turf for picnics and other family activities!

601 Webster Ave, magnolia.com/visit/shop/shops-at-the-silos/


Live Oak Lake luxury cabins in Waco Texas

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2. Stay at Live Oak Lake

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Waco, then Live Oak Lake is the spot. These beautifully Scandinavian designed cabins of varying luxury rest alongside an absolutely stunning lake with a multitude of activities at your disposal. from regular swimming to some fun fishing, there are plenty of fun activities that you can engage in. The best part? The lake is just a short drive from downtown Magnolia Market.

Location: Waco, Texas

Distance from Austin: one hour

Glamping type: luxury cabins


  • pond
  • catch & release fishing
  • kayaking
  • kitchen in cabin with fridge, stove, and Nespresso coffee maker
  • fire pit
  • outdoor kitchen with grill
  • swing set

Price: starts at $300


  • 15 minutes from Magnolia Market
  • beautifully designed luxury cabins
  • quiet retreat
  • fast wi-fi
  • dog-friendly 

1445 Spring Lake Road, Waco, Texas, liveoaklake.com

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3. Whiskey tasting at Balcones Brewery

Not only is Waco home to some of the best attractions in the state, but it’s also home to some of the best whiskey. At Balcones Distilling, you get to try out some of the finest whiskey that the lone star state has to offer, and you can even get a chance to see how it’s made. You can book a tour of the inside and get a chance to see the magical distilling process. Their bold and intense flavors pack quite the punch, which makes them all the better.


The Findery in Waco Texas

4. Shop at the Findery

Shopping at Waco is an experience in its own right, with one of the best places for it being the Findery. Sitting inside the Percy Medicine Building, the building alone is over a hundred years old. You can find multiple vendors throughout The Findery, each one selling a multitude of unique modern, vintage, and handmade home decor items. The biggest vendor in the outlet is Jute, which has many fun furniture options. You can even find other vendors selling a range of candles, clothes, and handmade jewelry.

501 S 8th St


5. Dr. Pepper Museum

Now the first thing that might’ve come to your mind when you heard about Dr. Pepper is their famous jingle “I’m a Pepper, you’re a Pepper….” Or you just remembered the fun taste of cold Dr. Pepper. The nostalgic museum features a range of perk knickknacks from the 40s, as well as major attractions like the 20,000-pound advertising board made of concrete painted in 1940. Since the soft drink originated in Waco during the mid-1880s, it was a major contributor to the town’s popularity at the time.

Don’t miss ice cream shop/soda fountain at the end where you can get a treat or your favorite soft drink.

300 S 5th St, Waco, TX


6. Visit Baylor University

Baylor University is a massive institution and covers a large part of the city. not only is it an active research facility, but it remains one of the oldest running universities in the Lone Star state. The University has an audio walking tour that visitors can download and experience at their preferred pace. Or visitors can just walk around the campus and stroll through its many open spaces. One of the absolute best things to visit there is the Armstrong Browning Museum and Library – a 19th-century research facility dedicated specifically to the history and study of Victorian poets Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. The library is free to visit, and you can see rare collections of materials, from artwork to manuscripts, related to the poets.


Milo Restaurant in Waco Texas

7. Eat at Milo restaurant

Looking for seasonal Southern grub down in Waco? Well, then, why not step down to Milo Restaurant for one of the best dining experiences in this small town. Using Texas sourced ingredients, the restaurant is able to blend various traditional recipes along with some bold flavors to make something that can leave you wanting more. They have various items to eat, which change every season, so you’ll have to tune in every now and then to check it out. Visitors can even pair their orders with an assortment of beers and spirits.

1020 Franklin Ave, Waco, TX, milowaco.com

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Milk Bottle Cookies in Waco Texas

8. Cookies at Milk Bottle Cookies

If you’re looking for a fun place to get something sweet and tasty, then why not hop on down to Milk Bottle Cookies. The cookies there are diverse in their flavors and will have you mesmerized with their flavors. Of course, you can pair each one of your cookies with a warm or cold glass of milk.

218 S 11th St, milkbottlecookies.com


9. Waco Mammoth National Monument

Before turning into a small Texas town, Waco was actually monumental in the Ice Age for the Columbian Mammoths. There have been a number of fossils and relics that archeologists have found over the years are all in a single place. You can take a guided tour of the entire compound, where the tour guide can go over the significance of the different artifacts as well as more information about how the mammoths lived before going extinct during the Ice Age.


10. Waco Suspension Bridge

One of the best things to do on any visit to Waco is to take pictures of its incredibly beautiful scenery and different attractions. And if you want a spot where you can get the best pictures, why not go to the Waco suspension bridge built-in 1870. The bridge not only managed to stand the test of time, but it also remains one of the biggest attractions in the city. Back in the day, this bride was the longest single-span suspension bridge in the state. There are also two brandings of the Brazos sculpture there, which can give your pictures so much more to say.

101 N. University Parks Drive


11. Cameron Park Zoo

If You’re traveling with a family and are looking for a fun day out in Waco, then the Cameron Zoo is one of the best places to visit. As a natural habitat zoo, all of the animals that you can find in their enclosures live in simulated habitats to make them feel more comfortable. The zoo is massive and is a great final place to visit after the day of fun at the park.

There are over 300 species throughout the massive 52-acre compound. There are different sections throughout the zoo, with each one having animals from a different habitat. One of the highlights of the zoo is the African savanna, which features elephants, white rhinos, giraffes, and other animals native to that area. The zoo also features a 50,000-gallon aquarium, with a range of fishes and marine life to see and wonder at. With so many things to find throughout the zoo, it is easily one of the best places to visit, and you can spend a whole day there.


12. Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum

The Texas Ranger was one of the most important professions in the old West, and their work contributed greatly to law enforcement in the country. In fact, the Texas Rangers have served the state for some time, over 200 years, and continue to influence most of modern policing. This hall f fame and museum pays tribute to one of the oldest arms of the law.
You can take a guided tour throughout the museum and learn more about how they were able to come into power and how they eventually died out.


13. Cameron Park

Along with housing the Cameron Park Zoo, this park features plenty of fun activities that make it fun for the whole family. The park encompasses a massive part of the city at 416 acres and is one of the best places to visit for its wealth of activities. You can go for a long stroll through the park, or you can ride a bike through one of the many trails in the city.

You can also get a chance to see the cotton bowl exhibit and the Southwest Conference Gallery, both of which are major attractions throughout the city. Each of these attractions has exhibits that make them such a joy to watch and explore.


14. Mayborn Museum Complex

Mayborn Museum is a top attraction in Waco, specifically for its sheer size and enjoyment. The natural history museum features a multitude of hands-on exhibits that can pique a child’s curiosity. The compound focuses on subjects like paleontology, geology, and archeology. There are 16 different discovery rooms, each with a unique theme that can engage and excite children of any age. Families can even check out Governor Bill and Vara Daniel Historic Village, which brings the 1890s community back to life.


15. McLane Stadium

Another popular attraction at Baylor University is the massive McLane Stadium, which also happens to be home to the native Baylor Bears. You can take a full tour of the stadium and see all of the facilities inside. It is easily one of the highlights of your visit to the Baylor University Campus. If you happen to be a fan of the Baylor Bears, be sure to visit their website and see if they have a match coming up to show your support for your favorite team.


16. Branch Davidian Memorial Park

Every visit to Waco is incomplete without visiting the Branch Davidian Memorial Park, which is where one of the most unfortunate incidents in the city’s history occurred. The privately-owned site was where the infamous 1993 siege occurred. During the siege against the followers of David Koresh, a total of 82 people passed away. A memorial site and pool are all that is left to remember that day, and even the pool looks out of place in the city for its odd significance in the siege.


17. Valley Mills Vineyards

Waco is one of the few cities in Texas that has one of the best distilleries and vineyards in the state. At Valley Mills, you get to experience the rich flavors of some of their best wines made from 100% Texas-grown grapes. You can book a tour of the vineyard and explore the incredible winemaking process from the farm all the way to the bottle. They go over all of the steps. And once you reach the final stage of vine-making, you will also get a chance to try some of their delicious vines that you’ll certainly be taking a bottle of.


18. Waco Hippodrome Theatre

The Waco hippodrome is one of the oldest theaters in the state, built in 1914 as a vaudeville theater, and is a crown jewel in the city’s pantheon of attractions. While the theater certainly started out for vaudeville shows, it soon evolved into something so much better. It is now a massive movie theater with space for live performances and plays. And even though the hippodrome has gone through many iterations and reconstruction, it has managed to maintain its century-old cultural significance.


19. Armstrong Browning Library and Museum

The Armstrong Browning Library and Museum is one of those attractions that you will have to go out and find. Dedicated to studying the life and work of two famous English writers, Elizabeth and Robert Barrett Browning, that is how the museum initially started. The work of both these writers has become literary classics studied by students today, and the library itself holds the largest number of their works.
If you will be visiting Baylor University, the Armstrong Browning Library and Museum is a great place worth exploring.


20. Texas Sports Hall of Fame

Among all of the incredible attractions throughout the city, sports enthusiasts are especially going to love this one. The Texas Sports Hall of Fame honors athletes from Texas that have contributed significantly to any sport. A sports editor created the Sports Hall of Fame back in 1951, which has inducted multiple players from the Houston Astros, Dallas Cowboys, and Texas A&M. Of course, the hall of fame is also fun for the whole family, as there are plenty that children and adults alike can interact with.


21. Waco Winery & Vineyards

Do you want to visit a local winery where you get the chance to try out 100% freshly grown Waco grapes? Well, then you have to visit the Waco Winery and Vineyards, which is easily one of the best that the city has to offer. You can take a tour of the entire compound, where the tour guide will explain the entire winemaking process. In the end, you even get a chance to try one of their signature wines and can choose one from their gift shop.


Things to do in Waco Texas

22. Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market

Since Waco is a relatively smaller town, it is one of the best places to try out the local Farmer’s Market. The market is alive and bustling with people, as vendors continue to sell a range of products from meats to jams and cheese. The local farmers and vendors are super friendly, and you can often find the market packed with people getting their favorite things. The rush mainly comes down to the fact that the market only manages to last from May to October.


23. Branding the Brazos Sculpture

Back at the Waco suspension bride are the Branding the Brazos sculptures that are at the end of the suspension bridge. The sculpture shows three cowboys and 25 cattle running, making it a life-sized cattle drive. It makes for a great sight to see as you finally cross the bridge.


24. Waco Tourist Information Center

The Waco info tourist information center is one of the best places to visit on your first rodeo to Waco. They can tell you about all of the best attractions present throughout the city and can even provide you with maps of the local food scene. The staff is very friendly, and they can be very understanding and hospitable to people of different cultures and ethnicities. It also happens to be just a short walk away from the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame, which can be your second stop as soon as you reach Waco. You can also find guides for visitors at the information center and coupons.

106 Texas Ranger Trail Waco, TX


25. Midway Park RV Campground, US Corps of Engineers

Sometimes you just want to get back in touch with nature, and the best way to do that is with a fun little camping trip. Reconnect with nature when you go camping at Midway Park with its multiple camping sites. They have one near the lake, and they have one dedicated to RVs where you can set up camp in your summer vehicle. Take a short trek down to the lake to fish, share stories by the campfire, or roast some marshmallows by the fire.


26. Bare Arms Brewing

If you’re looking to try out the local craft beer scene with your friends, then the Bare Arms Brewing pup is just the place to go. One of the best things about it is that it has some flavors that are unique to this city, so you’ll be coming back often for that special taste. The founders of the pub are very passionate about brewing their craft beers, and they will often ask visitors to try out their newest brews.


27. Heart O’ Texas Speedway

Do you have the need, the Need for Speed? Well, you can satiate that need by heading to the Heart O’ Texas speedway. Rent a modified car and try your luck at the big prize, or just check out some of the incredible racers shredding their tires and competing for the first prize. Since this is not a big event, you can see a lot of uniquely modified cars racing towards the finish. There are even different categories of races like dwarf cars or the unique Texas sprint series.


28. LaSalle Shoppes

When heading back, you have to take a few souvenirs for your friends and family. And no other place’s souvenirs scream Waco like the ones at the LaSalle Shoppe. The LaSalle Shoppe consists of a multitude of small shops where you can buy all sorts of fun and creative souvenirs. From tiny handmade dolls and jewelry to vintage art pieces, you can find a multitude of fun things there. And if you tell them you’re a visitor, they might even give you a small discount.


29. Waco Convention Center

There are few places as fun and exciting to visit as the Waco Convention Center, home to a number of fun events throughout the year. Visiting the center is well worth it just for its sheer size and design alone, as the tall glass structure gives beautiful views of the city outside. You can visit their calendar to get a look at the events that are happening at the time and go visit them. from comic cons and anime conventions to smaller grassroots organizations holding meetings. They always have plans meant for everyone.


30. Hawaiian Falls Waco

Beat the heat this summer by visiting the Hawaiian Falls Water Park in Waco, one of the best water parks in the city. It is easily one of the city’s biggest attractions as it brings in hundreds of thousands of visitors every summer. Throughout its ten acres, it offers slides of all shapes and sizes for kids and adults to enjoy. There is the Kiki Kove for kids to play around in and two slides that go as high as 65 feet for the truly daring to enjoy. They also have a high-speed ride called the pineapple express for most people to enjoy, which goes very fast.


31. Cotton Belt Trail

If you’re looking to get a good run in a while enjoying a beautiful view, then the cotton belt trail is just the trail you should visit. At 2 ½ miles long, the South Bosque River runs right beside it, giving you a beautiful view while you’re running, jogging, or even riding a bike down the trail. You can also make your exercise a little more exciting by taking a camera with you and taking pictures of some of the more beautiful aspects of the trail.


32. Cameron Trading Co Antique Mall

As a small town, you can find plenty of trading shops in Waco that sell you some of the finest antiques. One of the best ones to visit is the Cameron Trading co. Antique Mall features many fun and cute antiques that would make for a fun souvenir to take back home to your friends and family. One of the best things about it is the friendly staff make the shopping experience so much better. Some of the antiques happen to be reasonably priced as well.


33. Brazos Park East

The Brazos Park is a fun small park that is perfect for all sorts of fun, family-friendly activities. From picnics to launching pads for boats, there is plenty of fun for everyone to have. One of the best things to enjoy in the Brazos Park East is sightseeing, especially when you launch your boat and get a chance to go about the Brazos River.


34. McCulloch House Museum

The Historic Waco Foundation has managed to preserve this beautiful building, which acts as a gateway into a forgotten life. The McCulloch House was a very important part of the city’s social history as many visitors and celebrities have visited it to get a glimpse into that older life. You can see many priceless family heirlooms throughout various exhibits, as well as the water paintings from a local artist.


35. Lake Waco

Lake Waco is massive in its size. The lake offers a multitude of fun and exciting things to do. You go hiking, camping, and picnicking near the lakes, and you can even go boating or indulge in some fun water sports with multiple launch pads insight. But easily, one of the best things to do here is to take off on the open waters at high speed. With all that space, no one will be getting in your way.


36. Spice Village

Spice Village is a local favorite collection of 60 eclectic shops located in a 1908 warehouse building in downtown Waco. Featured many times on Joanna Gaines’ televised shopping adventures.

213 Mary Ave, Waco, TX 76701


37. Waco Tours

You can learn everything about the city of Waco by Waco Tours. There are several different tour options

  • Classic Waco Tour – (2.5 hours) this tour takes you to Waco’s top attractions (such as Baylor University, Cameron Park, and through historic neighborhoods) and is a great way to get acquainted with the city.
  • Texas Experience Tour – ride on horseback to learn all about cowboy history and culture.
  • River Cruise – brings you along the Brazos River at sunset so you can relax and enjoy the view.

215 S University Parks Dr Suite #104, waco-tours.com


38. Waco Surf

Waco Surf is one of the largest inland surfing and water sports facilities in the country! Ranked the #1 cable park in the US, the resort features cabins, a wakeboarding cable park, the world’s longest lazy river, and the Wedge Slides. The resort’s 2-acre surf lake uses PerfectSwell Infinite Ocean™ design and surf-generating technology. Whether you’re looking for a fun day in the water or trying to catch some serious waves, this state-of-the-art surf and wakeboard water park offers experiences for all skill levels!

They also have the “World’s Longest Lazy River,” and soar down the Royal Flush slide.

5347 Old Mexia Road


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