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Where To Eat In Austin

Calling all vegans and vegetarians, Citizen Eatery is going to be your go-to spot in Austin.

5 toasts, 4 hearty grain bowls, and 3 sandwiches to go with your coffee.

The most Instagram-worthy coffee shop in Austin right now. But there’s one catch: they have no wi-fi.

Domain NORTHSIDE is officially Austin’s hottest new spot in town with the best restaurants and shops for dining and shopping.

Where To Eat In Dallas

Dallas, you impress me. If I were to pack my bags and move to Dallas, I’d totally set up shop on Greenville Ave. Modern …

I’m a sucker for pretty restaurants so it was no surprise that I instantly fell in love with Gemma in Dallas. Gemma Restaurant reminds …

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Festive holiday gift pairings for friends and family, and a little something for yourself!

How we use the UberEATS app for virtual date night every week and our favorite Austin and San Francisco restaurants to order from!

This year has been a whirlwind of traveling – New Orleans, San Francisco, Phoenix, New York, New Orleans, and Colorado.

My favorite snacks and you can get all of them delivered to your door.


It was my first time to this charming city and even though I had only 48 hours, I quickly fell in love with Savannah’s local restaurants, small shops, and historic homes.

Our first port in the Eastern Caribbean was Half Moon Cay. Also known as Little San Salvador Island, this private island is 1 of 700 islands in the Bahamas.

Where I stayed in Miami Beach and downtown Miami, and dining at the hottest restaurants.

We’re sailing off on Carnival Glory from Miami to Half Moon Cay in Bahamas, St Thomas, San Juan in Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk in Turks and Caicos Islands.