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Taquero Mucho, Austin’s Newest All-Pink Mexican Restaurant

February 23, 2020

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Taquero Mucho, Austin's Newest All-Pink Mexican Restaurant

I just updated my guide to the best tacos in Austin and a new taco spot opens. Taquero Mucho just opened in downtown Austin off of West 6th street (originally Frank & Angie’s) by the team behind Gabriela’s in East Austin.

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Taquero in Spanish is someone who makes tacos but “Taquero Mucho” is a play on “Te Quiero mucho”, which is, I love you so much in Spanish.

While Gabriela’s also serves Mexican food with a cute mural, Taquero Mucho is all-pink. When I say all-pink, I mean, from the moment you walk up to the pink and white building, there’s a pink phone booth with pink benches. Inside – pink walls, pink chairs, pink drinks, and pink tortillas. Yes, I did just say pink tortillas.

Taquero Mucho Review

Restaurant Name: Taquero Mucho

Restaurant Description: Instagrammable Mexican restaurant in downtown Austin with pink tacos and pink drinks in a pink interior.

Price range: $10 - $20

Address: 508 West Ave, Austin, TX 78701

Cuisine: Mexican

Telephone: (512) 520-5646

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  • Food
  • Cocktails

Good for

  • Instagram content
  • Girls night out
  • Happy hour
  • Dinner before going out on West 6th


Taquero Mucho in downtown Austin

Pink phone booth in front of Taquero Mucho on West 6th Street.


Taquero Mucho

Everything is pink when you walk in – pink walls with pink chairs and a cute tropical wallpaper behind the bar. 


pink drink at Taquero Mucho

Start with a pink margarita – but be warned, most of the cocktails are all pink.


Taquero Mucho in downtown Austin

Pink tacos at Taquero Mucho in downtown Austin

crispy shrimp tacos

And even the tortillas and sopes are PINK! Don’t worry, no food dye here. The pink color comes all-natural from fruit and vegetables. 


Pink tacos at Taquero Mucho in downtown Austin

But is the food even good or is it just an Instagrammable spot? Yes – the food is surprisingly really good.  


Taquero Mucho menu

Here’s the menu so you can plan your visit to Taquero Mucho. 

I loved the poblano capeado tacos, nopalitos sopes, and elote!


El Chapo y Kate

No desserts just yet so I had the El Chapo y Kate – frozen passion fruit margarita with a chamoy swirl and a tamarind candy straw. So good!

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Pink bathroom at Taquero Mucho

Before you leave, make sure you visit the restrooms located in the back of the restaurant because they are also pink and there are disco balls above the toilet while you do your business. Look to the left and you’ll see a hot pink neon poop emoji smiling back at you. 

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Taquero Mucho
508 West Ave
Austin, TX 78701


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