9 Best Gay Bars In Austin Texas

June 03, 2022

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Best gay bars in Austin Texas

Happy Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈! Austin is one of the most gay-friendly cities in Texas and supportive of the LGBTQIA+ community. The gay nightlife in Austin is also unmatched as you can find various gay bars and clubs in the city. 

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From dance clubs to drag shows to watering holes, here are the best gay bars in Austin Texas.

While the Pride Parade is postponed this year, Austin Pride is August 20, 2022 at 8:00 pm


Cheer Up Charlies - Best gay bars in Austin Texas

1. Cheer Up Charlies

Featuring drag shows, live music, dancing and other activities, Cheer Up Charlies is one of the top gay bars in Austin. A huge crowd from the city joins in on the fun that the lesbian owners of the bar have set out. The nightclub has an amazing outdoor patio featuring live music, making it a great place for the LGBTQIA+ community to socialize. The bar showcases an amazing colorful décor featuring emojis and rainbow neon signs. At the bar, you will also find plenty of drinks as well as vegan food truck Arlo’s, kombucha, cocktails, beers, etc. Check out their event’s calendar for programming. 

900 Red River St, cheerupcharlies.com


Coconut Club - gay bars in Austin

2. Coconut Club

Located next to other gay bars on 4th St near the Colorado River, Coconut Club is also a favorite among the gay community. The open-air rooftop lounge features a modest-sized dance floor decorated with disco lights and other fun décor elements. Owned by the former employees of Cheer Up Charlies, the gay bar is especially popular for its carefree environment and the packed dance floor. So if you’re looking to dance your heart out, Coconut Club is the place to go.

It is a place that focuses more on having a good time than anything else. So just get drunk, dance, and socialize.

310B Colorado St


3. Oilcan Harry’s

Oilcan Harry’s or commonly called OCH is the OG gay bar in Austin on 4th street. It’s a popular landmark for gay parties and fun contests. As soon as you enter the bar, a few drag queens will welcome you in with a big dance floor waiting for you.
Opened in the 1990s before being openly gay was not normal, Oilcan Harry hosts weekly drag shows and other themed parties. If you get lucky, you might also find yourself there at Karaoke night.

Some special events also take place at various festivals. For instance, Wednesdays are for 80s-themed nights, whereas Fridays host male strip contests.

211 W 4th St, oilcanharrys.com


Rain on 4th - gay bar in Austin Texas

4. Rain on 4th

You can expect a wide variety of events and activities happening at Rain in 4th in the Austin gay Warehouse district. As one of the best gay bars in the city, it always has something fun going on for its visitors. The dance floor is epic, and you are bound to make some amazing friends among the drag queens.

Rain is a popular gay LGBTQ bar in downtown Austin that draws a huge crowd on all open days, and you might also find your friends from your state at this club. This is because the crowds are a blend of both locals and visiting tourists from around the country.
Make sure to visit any of their exceptional themed parties that include drag, karaoke, or bingo.

217 W 4th St, rainon4th.com


The Iron Bear - gay bar in Austin

5. The Iron Bear

The name ‘The Iron Bear’ may sound a bit intimidating, but that is not the case. In fact, it is one of those gay bars that have the most fun, welcoming environment for people with all types of bodies and belonging to any group or community.
Not to mention, the food at The Iron Bear is also incredible and worth giving the gay bar on Sixth Street a visit. If you’re planning to visit for a special event at the bar, make sure you walk in a little early to have some fantastic dinner.

Running for over 10 years, The Iron Bear holds many events such as drag performances, DJ parties, Karaoke nights, pool, tables, daily happy hour, and underwear nights, etc.

301 West 6th Street, theironbear.com

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Barbarella - gay bar in Austin

6. Barbarella

Barbarella may be the only dance club labeled as the ‘dance club for people who don’t like dance clubs.’ So if you know a friend who does not already like dance floors, make sure to take them along to Barbarella. Barbarella is a multi-floor club and video bar that easily has a nightclub spirit. Make sure to visit with your friends or alone if you’re looking to spend the entire night partying in Texas.

Tuesday is the most popular themed party at Barbarella, which happens every Tuesday. It is just the right activity for you if you enjoy pop, electro, and indie music.

611 Red River St,


7. Neon Grotto

As you would expect from the name, Neon Grotto is definitely a neon galore nightclub bar and popular Austin gay bar. You will find Neon Grotto right next to Coconut Club, so you can easily visit both the bars one after another and have a night of fun.

Neon Grotto features an incredible rooftop dance floor that all its regular visitors love. The neon signs and sexy pink couches offer a great opportunity to get those insta-worthy selfies.

318 Colorado St


Highland Lounge - gay bar in Austin Texas

8. Highland Lounge

While marketed as an upscale lounge, the name is quite deceptive for the simple reason that Highland is no lounge.
In fact, it is a multi-level gay bar that lets you let down your hair and party. So, don’t let the bottle service and furnishing fool you into thinking that you can’t dance and party at Highland. Rather, it is the perfect nightclub in Austin, Texas, if you enjoy clubs with huge crowds, shirtless bartenders, and dance parties.

Not to mention, some of the cocktails are really to die for. Featuring a light, twerk, and drag shows, the club is only open from Friday to Sunday. See upcoming events here.

404 Colorado St, highlandlounge.com


9. Violet Crown Social Club

Violet Crown Social Club is arguably the premier lesbian bar in Austin. The best thing about this nightclub is its exterior and interior design. After all, who would be able to resist a red barn-looking club that has an iconic crown painted on one of its sides?

The east-side lounge has everything that makes an iconic gay bar, from the best food to impressive interiors and beyond. Many people prefer visiting the club for its Detroit-style pizza and Orange Whips from the popular 313 food truck there.
You will also find an outdoor patio, benches, and tables to socialize with fellow gays and queers. Not to mention, the friendly staff also plays a huge role in helping you have the best night of your life.

1111 E 6th St

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10. Sellers Underground

Sellers Underground may be a popular modern-day gay bar, but it is best known for its killer 70s vibe. The Fourth Street gay club has been serving the LGBTQIA+ community with the best nights for four years now, and no visitor ever leaves disappointed.

If you’re ready to get drunk and have some fun, Sellers Underground is the place to visit. The subterranean dance floor is popular for its packed yet incredibly fun dance floors as well as the rotating drag shows. The Lesbutante and the Boss’ Monthly Ladies’ Night is one of the most popular parties here.

213 W 4th St, 


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