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IKEA Gave Me A Home Makeover

January 08, 2016

I am SUPER EXCITED to finally share IKEA GAVE ME AN HOME MAKEOVER! I was literally jumping up and down when I received the email that I was picked to be a part of their national home makeover series. The team spent two weeks with me in Austin hanging out at my house along with Basil, and the four kittens that I was fostering at that time. In three days, they transformed my small downstairs into a beautiful, styled space!

As a blogger, I do work out of my home but unfortunately my downstairs was just too cramped with not enough seating that I barely ever spent anytime downstairs. I would love to do more home entertaining but not having enough seating when my friends came over was embarrassing.

I painted the downstairs in Valspar Bistro White to bring in more natural light and installed engineered hardwood floors this year. Here’s what my space looked like before the makeover.



BEFORE: POV From Stairs Back of Room POV Dining Room & Kitchen Front Door POV


  • Downstairs space is small, 300 sq ft
    • Consists of my living room, kitchen, and dining room.
  • Not enough dining table seating, my friends have to stand when they come over!
  • Need lighter colored table for food photography
  • More comfortable seating to lounge – I’ve had this leather sofa since college and the springs are starting to poke out
  • Desperately need storage space – the toaster oven has to sit on the floor because there’s no counter space
  • Downstairs space overall is dysfunctional, so I hardly ever spend anytime downstairs


IKEA Home Makeover

Meet Rocky, Robin, Elizabeth, Steph, and Jesse! They sat down with me to understand what I needed in space and spent tons of time playing with Basil and the four kittens. We could have made a video just watching them play with all the camera equipment!

The IKEA Home Tour squad achieved what was important to me:

  • Simple & natural living with eco-friendly products in small space
    • Dining table, planters, and serving bowls are all made out of bamboo, a sustainable resource
    • Sofa is made out of recycled plastic water bottles
    • Tons of plants!
  • Comfortable work space
    • Plenty of space for me to work at the dining table and sofa
  • Styled space for home entertaining
    • Natural color scheme with pops of color, and tons of plants!
    • Display wall of my favorite local, artisan goods
    • Photo gallery wall to display my photographs – I’ve never had my photography on display!
  • Pet friendly
    • Palm plant has been elevated off the ground
    • Sofa covers are microfiber and can be easily removed for wash




IKEA Home Makeover

IKEA Home Makeover




IKEA Home Makeover

IKEA Home Makeover

IKEA Home Makeover



IKEA Home Makeover



IKEA Home Makeover



IKEA Home Makeover

IKEA Home Makeover



IKEA Home Makeover

IKEA Home Makeover

IKEA Home Makeover

Thank you IKEA & #IKEAHomeTour squad for helping me create such a beautiful styled space!! I will be posting blog posts on each section of the downstairs so stay tuned for those!



IKEA PS 2012 drop leaf table + IKEA Melltorp chairs

Break up space with rugs


Bar + media console with IKEA Besta

Kitchen cart for extra counter space

Entryway mirror

Photo gallery


To see all the IKEA products used in my renovations, visit HomeTourSeries.com 



Painted downstairs with Valspar Bistro White

Removed carpet and installed engineered hardwood

Installed IKEA Besta Cabinets for coffee & wine bar

IKEA Home Makeover


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