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How To Install IKEA Besta Cabinets

August 04, 2015

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How To Install IKEA Besta Cabinets

I have a small downstairs that literally has no storage. So after the hardwood flooring transformation and painting the downstairs in Valspar Bistro White, I was itching to finally upgrade the old wine and coffee bar with a floating credenza. Inspired by Sugar & Cloth’s DIY IKEA hack floating credenza.

I teamed up with TaskRabbit for this DIY project. If you’re needing help around the home like furniture assembly, cleaning, even moving – TaskRabbit is here to help! Plus their mobile app is super easy to use. I searched in the ‘Assemble IKEA Furniture’ section for different Taskers, browsed through different profiles, and selected Carley. She had positive reviews and after messaging with her, I learned that she had experience in installing IKEA cabinets.

For $290 of IKEA material cost, 6 hours of labor, and some problem solving, we’ve installed a 5 unit IKEA Besta cabinet that doubles as a wine and coffee bar!

How To Install IKEA Besta Cabinets


(2) BESTÅ Frame with two connected units, white – $120
(1) BESTÅ Frame in a single unit, white – $45
(5) BESTÅ Soft closing/push-open hinge – $50
(5) BESTÅ Suspension rail – $25
(5) LAPPVIKEN Door, high-gloss white – $50


Power Drill
Drill bit
Stud Finder
Tape Measure
Assorted screwdrivers
Heavy duty anchor screws


BESTÅ Frame installation instructions
BESTÅ Soft closing/push-open hinge installation instructions



_V3A7348-2 _V3A7431-2

I had this small bar table that couldn’t fit anymore bottles and was overcrowded. In addition, the space to the left of the bar table was wasted space.



IKEA Besta Wine Coffee Bar


1. Assemble BESTA units

How To Install Wall-Mounted IKEA Besta Cabinets

We first assembled the BESTA units with doors, and soft closing/push-open hinges. This was the easy part. Took about 30 minutes to an hour following the instructions here, and here.


2. Measure and mark wall

How To Install Wall-Mounted IKEA Besta Cabinets

Using the stud-finder, mark an ‘x’ where wall studs are. Studs are usually placed 16 inches apart behind drywall. Also use the stud-finder to search for any live wires. We used the suspension rails to trace a line where it will be mounted. Using the level tool, we checked to make sure that the lines were 180° parallel to the ground. Last thing I want is slanted cabinets!


3. Drill holes for anchor screws

How To Install Wall-Mounted IKEA Besta Cabinets

Drill holes for anchor screws using the drill bit and power drill. You should feel resistance halfway through if you hit the stud correctly.


4. Attach suspension rails to wall

How To Install Wall-Mounted IKEA Besta Cabinets

Drill the suspension rail into the wall using the anchor screws and regular screws.


5. Make sure suspension rails are level

How To Install Wall-Mounted IKEA Besta Cabinets

We triple checked to see if the suspension rails were level.


6. Mount IKEA Besta cabinets

How To Install Wall-Mounted IKEA Besta Cabinets

Mount IKEA Besta cabinets using the bolts that came with the installation kit. The cabinets should lay flat against the wall. Readjust and tighten screws as needed.


7. Done!

How To Install Wall-Mounted IKEA Besta Cabinets

6 hours later and we finished installing the IKEA Besta cabinets!


8. Organize and store bottles

Ikea Besta Shelf

Time to move and organize all the bottles into the bar. I plan on inserting BESTA glass shelves later. My IKEA is out of them until September.


9. Drill hole for coffee maker cords

How To Install Wall-Mounted IKEA Besta Cabinets

To hide the coffee maker cords, we drilled a 2″ hole in the top of the Besta cabinets with a spade bit. The top wood piece is hollow and made of a light cardboard material so the cut wasn’t clean. I’ll need to go back with a nail file. We used a utility knife to cut a rectangle out of the back cardboard piece.


10. Wine glass holders

IKEA Besta Wine Coffee Bar

I had these wine glass holders from my old bar table so I removed them and attached them to the bottom of the Besta cabinet.


11. IKEA Besta Wine Coffee Bar

IKEA Besta Wine Coffee Bar 2

IKEA Besta Wine Coffee Bar

Introducing my new wine and coffee bar! I couldn’t be more happy with the new look – lots of storage and the streamlined piece is a nice compliment to my small downstairs. The blue is actually the protective sticker that came with the IKEA doors but I’ve been enjoying the pop of color. Comments on if I should remove them?


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