Veggie Heaven Reopens In Austin

May 04, 2017

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Veggie Heaven

For those of you that ate at Veggie Heaven back in the day when it was on Guadalupe, I have exciting news. Veggie Heaven has officially REOPENED IN AUSTIN. Located on West 5th Street at 1611 W 5th St #135, next to Hiatus Spa and across the street from El Arroyo.

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I got to preview Veggie Heaven a couple of days ago before it opened to the public on May 3rd and here’s everything you need to know about the reopening.


Veggie Heaven Menu

Veggie Heaven Menu

To be honest, I’ve only stepped into Veggie Heaven once when I was still at UT in 2010 so I can’t speak if the food is still the same. I took pictures of the current menu when I dined there a couple of days ago, has the menu changed? What’s new?


Crispy Tofu Eggplant


Our favorite item of the night was the eggplant tofu with fried tofu and eggplant in a black bean sauce. Absolutely delicious with a bowl of rice. Would order this again.


Green Onion Pancake


If you haven’t had Taiwanese pancake before, this is savory and not sweet. The pancake is made with green onions and you dip it in soy sauce. I do wish Veggie Heaven used a bit more oil to pan-fry the pancake so it would be crispy.


Protein Vadar


Fried protein battered and cooked with garlic, onions and string beans with spicy Sichuan sauce. I know everyone loves Protein 2000 so I plan on giving Veggie Heaven a couple of weeks to work out the kinks before coming back to try Protein 2000.


Overall, I can see why everyone loves Veggie Heaven. It feels like Mom’s cooking! A lot of people came to soft opening with their worn Veggie Heaven t-shirts and big smiles. Welcome back Veggie Heaven!


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