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Get Ready To Stuff Your Face With All The Steamed Buns At Bao’d Up

July 19, 2017

Bao'd Up

You’re going to be steamed bun heaven at Bao’d Up! Bao’d Up officially opens on July 25th but I got a sneak peek of the bao shop and tried all the steamed buns. Super happy to report back that Bao’d Up is #kokoappoved.

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Some of you may know that I was born and grew up in Taiwan so I grew up eating bao (steamed buns) at home. Going back to Taiwan every couple of years, I look forward to eating authentic bao. Unfortunately, Austin isn’t known for its Chinese food and definitely not for bao. Until now. The owners of Bao’d Up (also own Xi’an Noodles) are from Fujian Providence and China and have brought their craft to Bao’d Up!


Bao'd Up

Bao’d Up is located in Mueller at 1911 Aldrich St under the Alamo Drafthouse and open Tuesday – Sunday from 10am to 10pm. The bao are made from scratch with organic flour every morning. Baos are then steamed to order and can be purchased in groups of 6 for bulk pricing.

Here’s what you can expect from Bao’d Up:


  • Juicy pork bao
  • BBQ pork bao
  • Veggie bao
  • Egg cream bao
  • Plain mantou
  • Whole wheat mantou
  • Red bean mantou
  • Pork belly gua bao (Taiwanese hamburgers)
  • Crispy fish gua bao
  • Roast pork gua bao
  • Seared tofu gua bao
  • Szechuan fries
  • Bao fries – fried plain bao with condensed milk (can’t wait to try this!)
  • Homemade soy milk
  • Bubble tea


Bao'd Up


Bao'd Up Egg Bao

Bao'd Up Egg Bao


Sweet egg custard cream steamed bun – I love eating these for breakfast and for dessert!


Bao'd Up Juicy Pork Bao


Tender and salty pork patty stuffed inside a warm bao. Sooo good!


Bao'd Up Man Tou


There’s no filling inside mantou. It’s the Chinese version of a dinner roll or biscuit.


Bao'd Up Veggie Bao


Vegetarians and non-vegetarians – you’re going to love the veggie bao. It’s filled with dougan (smoked firm tofu) and Chinese vegetables.


Bao'd Up


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