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DS Music Restaurant

December 05, 2010

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“Nurse! Quick! I need 1800 cc’s Vodka punch. Hand me Thai style sauteed prawns! Stat!”

Okay so those may not be the words yelled by a doctor in ER but definitely in the DS music restaurant. The name of the restaurant may imply a theme based around music but the crutches, x-rays and wheelchairs here tell a different story. That’s right. For those who are terrified of hospitals, don’t worry. The restaurant offers a professional establishment and a pleasant atmosphere that is night-lifey. And the food? It’s far from hospital quality food. And drinks are served from an IV drip and if you’re feeling naughty, sexy nurses will serve you shots from syringes. As many as 10 visitors can sit around each bed at the D.S. Music Restaurant, a hospital-themed eatery, and watch showgirls dance on weekend nights or chat up “nurses” whose rabbit-ears complement their starched white uniforms.

DS Music Restaurant.

Croissant sandwich.
A typical cold croissant sandwich filled with ham, tomato, cucumbers and imitation crab meat. Slathered with mayo.

Fried anchovy.
This is a popular side dish in Taiwan. Tiny anchovy’s are fried and tossed with shallots, sesame, and chili. Using the lettuce spears as a spoon, you can scoop up this crunchy, flavorful goodness.

Fried tofu drizzled with soy sauce and topped with toasted sesame seeds.

火鳳牛柳 Fire Pheonix Beer.
Beef and pineapple stir-fry served inside a hollowed out half pineapple.

Fried pork chop.
Crispy pieces of fried pork chop served over a bed of shredded cabbage. Comes with two dipping sauces.

Drinks served in test tubes. Spiked of course.
Vodka punch straight up from an IV.


DS Music Restaurant is a good location to come with friends. I probably wouldn’t recommend family unless you have a pretty liberal family. The food is surprisingly not that bad, so you can fill up your tummy and enjoy the entertainment. They offer several table choices. You can either get the standard operation table, which can seat 8 people, or the intensive care unit (ICU) room, which can seat up to 14 people. I do recommend the ICU even if you have only 8 people. It’s more of a lounge with couches and a table where you can eat, drink, and relax with buddies behind a curtain. And what if you need to use the restroom? Just take a stroll down to the “emergency room” and admire the xray photos on the wall along the way.
Food is served to your table on medicines carts by provocatively dressed nurses. They also serve the food to each person and play games with you afterwards. Beware though, winner gets a sweet substance shot into their mouth with a syringe and losers get a shot of soy sauce or vinegar. If you come on the weekend, you can enjoy the company of showgirls. And if that doesn’t float your boat, you can always monkey around with the wheelchairs and crutches.

DS Music Restaurant
7, XinSheng N Rd, Sec 3
Taipei, Taiwan
(02) 2587-3226


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