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I Wash My Hair Every 5 Days Thanks To The Best Dry Shampoo

January 24, 2020

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Waterl<ss. All opinions are 100% mine.


Best dry shampoo

Location: Cute Nail Studio in Austin, Texas

I usually wash my hair every single day because I have oily hair that felt ICKY by the end of the day. Not only was this a pain to have to towel dry and blow dry my hair every night, but it was also super damaging to my hair.

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I discovered dry shampoo a couple of years ago when everyone was raving about it, but I tried almost EVERY SINGLE dry shampoo on the market. Some of them made my hair feel even oilier and most of them added a white residue to my dark hair making me look like I had white hair. I just didn’t see what the big deal was until I recently tried out Waterl<ss.

Waterl<ss was created by a small team of scientists who were looking to improve the non-wash day for a diverse set of people and hair types. Waterl<ss was launched in Cape Town in January 2018 when the city announced it was 3 months away from running out of water for their city of 4 million people. Waterl<ss provided the people of Cape Town with an option when they had no choice but to not wash their hair. Their lineup includes a wide range of products that work on diverse hair types that give you clean, conditioned, and great smelling hair without using a single drop of water! I’m so excited that this product is now available in the U.S. (check it out here)!


Waterless best dry shampoo


First, let’s talk about how to use dry shampoo. I like sectioning off my hair by two-inch sections and spray the dry shampoo. Hold the dry shampoo can about five to six inches away from your head so you don’t concentrate too much product in one area.  I then repeat with another two-inch section until I’ve covered my entire head. 

Allow the dry shampoo to sit for five minutes or so and then use your fingers to rub the dry shampoo in your scalp. This is the perfect time for a head massage! I like to toss my head down to massage my hair some more to create even more volume in my hair. 


Waterless dry shampoo


As I said, I’ve been washing my hair almost every single night. I have fine, straight hair with oily roots that just builds up daily and I couldn’t stand that oily feeling. I dreaded washing my hair every night because it was a process to shampoo, condition, towel dry, and blow-dry.

Usually, dry shampoos cast a white powdery look on my dark hair but the Waterl<ss dry shampoo comes out nearly clear! The dry shampoo is made with micro-fine tapioca starch that helps soak up oil and refreshes hair. Y’all – I think this is the best dry shampoo that I’ve found so far. It honestly makes my hair feel cleaner and it smells SO good.

Plus, all of Waterl<ss products are sulfate-free (with the exception of the Foam Dry Shampoo) and paraben-free. The products are not tested on animals and do not contain animal by-products.


Waterless dry shampoo


Even after I wash my hair and use a round brush to blow dry, my hair is flat and limp, which sometimes ends up making me look like I didn’t even wash my hair at all! So, I like using dry shampoo to create texture and add volume to my hair.

Spray in two-inch sections, flip hair upside down, massage and tousle, and voila – volume! If you want even more volume, you can tease with a comb.

Waterl<ss Hair Refreshers


Don’t have time to shower after a workout? Or for me, I hate smelling like food after eating at a restaurant. The Waterl<ss Hair Refreshers easily fit inside my bag and I can use it to help eliminate smells! The fragrance mists come in two scenes: rose and peach, and apple and berry. Both help tame frizz and leaves your hair smelling fresh and good all day.


Waterless shampoo and conditioner


My ends get just so dry from all the wear and tear throughout the day and Waterl<ss has three different kinds of dry conditioner. Number two for fine hair for a soft, smooth feel without the weight, number three for thick hair to control the frizz, and number four for thick or coily hair to repair and strengthens for shine and style.

We have a couple more months of cold, dry months so the Waterl<ss dry conditioner is a convenient way to hydrate hair ends.


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