Green Macarons for Japan

March 31, 2011

As you know Japan has been suffering from an earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis. The more information, photos, and video footage I saw on the disaster, my heart just broke.

Please help contribute and do your part. There’s a lot of organizations out there who are also raising money for this cause.

I’m helping out with Sabrina from in an online auction and bloggers in Austin in a bake sale to raise money for relief efforts.

Online Bake Sale for Japan.

I am donating a box of green tea macarons with red bean filling to the Online Bake Sale for Japan. All proceeds will benefit Second Harvest Japan, that nation’s first food bank.

There are many more delicious baked goods donated by other food bloggers. All bids start at $20. Help us raise more than $2,500.

UPDATE: Congrats to Michele from Cupcakeables for her winning bid of $100. The online bake sale raised $8269! Kudos to Sabrina from for organizing this event.

Austin Bake Sale for Japan.

If you live in Austin Texas, please stop by and contribute to relief efforts in Japan by buying a delicious baked good. There will be 5 locations in Austin. I will be donating a total of 100 green tea macarons to Woof Gang Bakery and Hotel San Jose. Stop by Woof Gang Bakery on Saturday if you want to say Hi! I will be helping out there from 10am to 2 pm. For more information click here.

UPDATE: The bake sale was a success! We raised $11,540.07. I was extremely proud to be a part of this event and been able to meet so many great people.

You can make a difference


Jane Ko is the founder and editor in chef of the food blog, A Taste of Koko. She is a blogger, food photographer, social media ninja, pastry chef, recipe tester, and brand developer. Currently resides in Austin, Texas with her Maltese puppy, Basil.


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