16 Best Gelatos at Gelato World Tour (and we tried them all)

May 11, 2014

After visiting Rome, Valencia, Melbourne and Dubai, the Gelato World Tour stopped by Austin, Texas, May 9-11 at Republic Square. The Gelato World Tour is a competition and celebration of the ART of FROZEN DESSERTS. In the end, the tour will have visited eight cities, five continents, tested hundreds of competitors and delighted hundreds of thousands of people. The best gelato artisan in the world will be crowned in Rimini, Italy later in the year.

The city’s interest in diverse food experiences, healthy lifestyle, artistic culture and desire for high-quality locally-sourced food ingredients made Austin the perfect choice for our competition”, stated Achille Sassoli, Gelato World Tour’s Director.


16 Best Gelatos at Gelato World Tour (and we tried them all)


Raspberry Beet Gelato

Raspberry Beet by Baron W. Von Gottsacker of Bent Spoon Gelato, Sheboygan, WI

Characterized by a bright purple color whose intense flavor is of fruity red raspberries, earthy and complex.


Banana Foster Gelato

Bananas Foster by Elizabeth McCleary of Devine Gelateria & Café, Sacramento, CA

New Orleans Chef Paul’s creation of Bananas Foster is re-invented into gelato. Ripe bananas cooked in brown sugar, butter, banana liqueur and cinnamon. The bananas are finished off with dark rum and combined with our white base. It’s variegated and topped with caramel and pecans to complete this incredible gelato.


Gelato World Festival

Turtle by Mary Stanley of The Turtle Gelateria, Brownwood, TX

Our flavor is a take on the historic and classic 1913 American candy the Turtle, a southern favorite made with chocolate covered pecans and caramel. We are using salted toasted native pecans coated with Mec3 Stracciatella, caramel ripple swirled in a rich chocolate gelato base. 


Chocolate Stout Beer by Kimberly Zanni of Zanni of Gelato Di Babbo, Lititz, PA

A delicious combination of internationaly known Irish Stout beer mixed with a chocolate fondent as a the base flavors. A multi flavored note of rich bold flavors with a Dolce de Leche Swirl topped with the crunch saltiness of crushed pretzels.


Nuts by Matthew Lee of TEO, Austin, TX

A combination of two iconic flavors from two countries. Peanut butter from the U.S. and chocolate hazelnut from Italy are swirled together to unite in an incredibly delicious and satisfying gelato. An Austin local favorite!


Fior di Bronte ­ pure Sicilian Pistachio by Josh Collier of Café Dolce Gelato, Houston, TX

A flavor defining the essence of Gelato – true Sicilian Pistachio. In the average American Gelateria, it is often either missing or artificially colored green.

We visit the farm in Sicily to source the fresh, hand selected, most authentic Pistachio to present to you: Flower of Bronte Pure Sicilian Pistachio like it has been enjoyed for years in Italy.



Gelato World Festival

Tonda Gelato Freezer

I need one of these at home.


Pistachio GelatoGelato World Festival
Even Hello Kitty makes an appearance at the Gelato World Tour


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