15 Best Bites At Austin Food & Wine Festival

May 06, 2014

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The Austin Food & Wine Festival Grand Tasting featured a diverse selection of the country’s top wine, spirits and culinary exhibitors and was the prime location to sip, savor, mix and mingle through a plethora of chef celebrities and lots of great bites from all over. I did my best to strategically take a bite of everything at AFWF. Here’s my best bites from Austin Food & Wine Festival 2014.

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15 Best Bites At Austin Food & Wine Festival

Grilled pork tongue

Grilled Pork Tongue with Filipino Pickles // Paul Qui of Qui

Gardner Austin

Squash and shroom // Andrew Wiseheart, Contigo & Gardner

Bryce Gilmore

Roast Pig // Jack Gilmore of Jack Allen’s Kitchen and Bryce Gilmore of Odd Duck & Barley Swine

Meat Carousel, Austin Food & Wine Festival

This one is for you meat lovers. Goat heads and chicken roasting in a twirling carousel.  

Austin Food and Wine Festival

Roasting Birds On a Tree // Bryce Gilmore and Jack Gilmore

You’re so small, I could take you’ll @JetBlue as a carry-on! – @chefmingtsai. Nice to meet you too chef! #afwfest pic.twitter.com/Vg71dYlFkP — A Taste of Koko (@atasteofkoko) April 27, 2014

Chinese Red Roast Duck Taco // Ming Tsai

With sambal-mango salsa, crunchy taco shell and avocado purée

Austin Food & Wine Festival

Coconut milk and lemongrass poached sea bass with on a crispy kefir-lime corn tortilla // Tyson Cole, Uchi & Uchiko

With one of the longest lines at Rock Your Taco, Tyson Cole was cool as a cucumber slowly frying up his corn tortilla and individually plating each as a work of art. Hands down, my favorite taco at Rock Your Taco. Served with yellow tomatoes, Thai chili, aji Amarillo sauce, cilantro and mint.

Octopus and lamb picadillo taco // Richard Blais, Juniper & Ivy, FLIP Burger & The Spence

Beautifully plated taco with a bold flavor and the winning taco of the night at Rock Your Taco.

Blood Heart Taco // David Bull, Second Bar + Congress

Rich goat heart morcilla sausage with a bright parsley salad and lemon crema in a fried flour taco, coated with chicken liver mousse and double wrapped with a flour tortilla.


Red Neck Taco  // Chef John Currence, City Grocery

Red adobo-braised lamb necks on soft corn tortilla with corn, cotija cheese and a smoky red salsa.

Quesadilla Macarons // Diego Galicia, Mixtili

Organic blue corn macaron shell with Mexican ricotta and squash blossoms with hydrated jalas and micro cilantro.

Chicken Fried Quail at Austin Food & Wine Festival

Chicken Fried Quail // Kolin Vazzoler, Simi Winery

Delicious with a glass of chardonnay from Simi Winery!


Soft boiled marinated egg // Tatsu Aikawa and Tako Matsumoto, Ramen Tatsuya

Crispy pork, dehydrated shrimp, & toasted coconut rice on beetle leaf // Sway

Crispy lamb tongue // Lucy’s Fried Chicken, James Holmes

Dessert heaven // Angel Begaye, Trace, Erica Wasmunski, Congress, and Janina O’Leary, LaV

Salted caramel profiteroles, chocolate cake, key lime pies, delectable truffles, chocolate brownie bars, trifles, and macaron tower.

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