Where To Find Fresh Coconuts in Austin

July 02, 2015

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Juju Juice

Mmm, coconut water. Super-hydrating! All natural! And Potassium-rich! With this hot, humid weather in Austin, I’ve been obsessed with Mother Nature’s tropical cocktail. I love the local juice shops in Austin but sometimes I just want cold coconut water straight from a coconut! None of that stuff from concentrate, I’m talking about hacking the top off of a real young coconut.

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Plus, coconut water is super refreshing and hydrating by replenishing electrolytes and lost fluids equal to that of a sports drink (all-natural with no chemicals). Here’s where you can find fresh coconuts in Austin.


Juiceland Coconut


Juiceland squeezes their juices/smoothies daily from 90% organic fruits and vegetables. You can also order a young Thai coconut with a straw there!

Multiple locations in Austin, juicelandaustin.com


Ju Ju Juice Coconuts

Juju Juice

My favorite spot for a fresh coconut in Austin! Everything about Juju Juice makes me super happy. The cute little walk-up stand next to Cenote, the name, and the owner, Iba. Juju is 100% vegan and they make their juices, nut milks and nut butters handmade from scratch. I asked Iba to make me something extra special the other day, and he added the Kalesy (coconut water, coconut butter, kale, banana, pineapple) into my coconut! This little guy made my day!

1010 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702, ju-ju-juice.com


Thai Fresh

Thai Fresh

Thai Fresh is a family own restaurant that serves homemade Thai meals, and ice creams. The drunken noodles are a fan favorite. Be sure to order a fresh coconut and a Thai iced coffee.

909 W Mary St, Austin, TX 78704, thai-fresh.com


Whole Foods, MT Supermarketing, HEB, and Central Market also sell fresh coconuts that you can cut open at home.


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