7 Reasons Why You’re Going to Love the Shaved Snow at SnoLabs

June 28, 2015


Sno Labs Austin Snow Ice

This isn’t your ordinary snow cone or ice cream. Imagine ribbons and ribbons of light, flaky shaved snow with gourmet toppings that instantly melt in your mouth. SnoLabs is a food trailer in Austin serving up artisanal shaved snow with natural ingredients. Shaved snow is super popular in Taiwan and it tastes just like the ones I had in Taipei last summer.  Here’s seven reasons why SnoLabs is going to be your go-to this summer!

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1. Natural Ingredients

Blueberry Shaved Snow

I love that SnoLabs uses organic dairy and all natural ingredients for their snow, and fresh fruit toppings! The owners even buy the matcha powder from Korea.


2. Build Your Own Combo

Strawberry Shaved Snow

Create your favorite combo by picking your favorite sno flavor: original, green tea, blueberry, strawberry, and coconut (vegan). Choose from two toppings (additional toppings are 50 cents each): strawberries, banana slices, mochi, oreo bites, brownie bites, rainbow sprinkles, gummy beans, almond slices, coconut shreds, granola, chocolate stick, whipped cream, condensed milk, chocolate, and caramel drizzle.


3. Original Sno + Brownie Bites + Sprinkles

Korean Snow Ice

Brings back childhood memories!


4. Green Tea Sno + Adzuki Beans + Mochi

Green Tea Snow Ice

My favorite combination, I love green tea and mochi!


5. Coconut Sno + Strawberries + Shredded Coconut

Coconut Snow Ice

My second favorite combo. I love that the shaved snow isn’t too sweet and the fresh fruit makes it even more light and refreshing.


6. Blueberry Sno + Housemade Granola + Banana

Blueberry Snow Ice

I would love to have this for breakfast every single day ☺


7. Strawberry Sno + Fresh Strawberries + Oreos

Strawberry Snow Ice

Reminds me of a strawberry milkshake with oreos!



Sno Labs Austin Trailer


603 W Live Oak St
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 900-9124

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