National French Fry Day

July 13, 2011

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Fries were first made in 17th-century Belgium to supplement fried fish. Everyone loved them. They then toured globally under various pseudonyms, i.e. pommes frites, patatas fritas, chips and freedom fries. They met chili and melted cheese. They made people fat. And now they have a day. (via deathandtaxesmag.com)

French fries, fries, fried potatoes, frites, .. are my weakness. I could easily eat plates and plates. Thanks to restaurants and trailers who have revamped the traditional french fry, I can never look at a McDonald, Sonic, Burger King, ect.. fry the same again. And scoot aside prepackaged ketchup, give me some of that garlic aioli.

Check out these restaurants and trailers who are serving up gourmet fries.

French Fries from TRACE.

Garnished with herbs and served with a bbq ketchup and spicy mayo.

Truffle Fries from Annie’s Cafe & Bar.
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Drizzled with truffle oil and shredded Parmesan cheese.
Fries from Parkside.
Crispy and light. Seasoned with sea salt and herbs.
Belgium Fries from The Peached Tortilla.
See more from this trailer on A Taste of Koko.
Freshly cut Belgium fries served with peach mint (Peached Tortilla’s special), truffle mayo, bacon ranch, smoky roasted peach bbq, or sriracha mayo. 

Three Wise Fries from Coreano’s.
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Fries smothered with cheese, topped with onions, cilantro, spicy twice-cooked pork belly, marinated beef short rib, caramelized kimchi and el scorch sauce.


Where do you get your french fry fix?


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