The Peached Tortilla (Austin, Texas)

April 08, 2011

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“Peached [peech-ed] (adj): flavor smittened”

I first met Eric Silverstein, the founder of Peached Tortilla, on his very first day at their original location, 24th and San Gabriel. And what did I do? I ran back to the apartment… for my camera. Typical of a foodie huh? But once I had a taste of his fries and tacos I knew this was something special. Eric won me over completely with his catfish tacos. And I don’t even like catfish.

“Flavors know no boundaries at The Peached Tortilla.  There are no rules.  We start and stop with putting out innovative, great tasting food for the masses.  It’s time to join the flavor revolution and unzip your taste buds.  Austin, allow yourself to get peached.”

Bottom line, the Peached Tortilla is serving up some rocking food, legally. Eric is a former litigator who decided to follow his passion in food and Austin wouldn’t be the same without him.

The Peached Tortilla.

Fresh Cut Belgium Fries.

Or your choice of sweet potato fries.

Take your pick of sauces galore! Peach mint (Peached Tortilla’s special), truffle mayo, bacon ranch, smoky roasted peach bbq, or sriracha mayo.

Crunchy Catfish.

Southern spiced cornmeal encrusted catfish. Served with creamy slaw, spicy mayo and a purple cabbage garnish.

My favorite! 

Pad Thai Taco.

Your choice of chicken or tofu sauteed in a traditional pai thai sauce. Garnished with bean sprouts, peanuts and a lime wedge. Served on a flour tortilla.

I bet you a taco that you’ve never seen pai thai in the form of a taco. 

BBQ Brisket Taco.

Tender brisket that just falls apart. Thank goodness for the flour tortilla!

Topped with a creamy slaw and a smoky roasted bbq sauce. And I’m not talking any normal bbq sauce… it’s a  s m o k y  r o a s t e d  peached bbq sauce.

BBQ brisket slider.

Flour tortilla’s not your thing? Try out the famous oh-so-tender-falling-apart brisket in the form of a slider!

Topped with the same creamy slaw and smoky roasted peached bbq sauce.

Banh Mi Slider.

Vietnamese braised porky belly, pickled diakon and carrot salad.

Squirt of sriracha mayo and garnished with purple cabbage. Served on a sweet Hawaiian roll.

Crab Cake Slider.

Southern encrusted crab cake with creamy slaw. Garnished with purple cabbage and sriracha mayo. Served on a sweet Hawaiian roll.

This is no typical crab cake.. it’s HUGE. I couldn’t even fit my mouth around it… 

Banana Nutella Wontons.

Banana nutella stuffed wontons. Deep fried and topped with a cajeta cream sauce.

Don’t know what cajeta is? It’s Mexican caramel 😉

Banana + nutella + fried?! You might as well give me glass of milk and sent me off to lala land.

Great variety of good ol’ southern favorites and Eric’s special twist on the classic asian favorites. I have yet to try the Szechaun veggie (black bean stir fried Japanese eggplant, tofu and red peppers, picked diakon and carrot salad, chilantro) but it sounds delicious.

A Taste of Koko & Eric Silverstein

Try out the sweet potato fries. I have no idea how Eric does it. Believe me, I’ve tried. But my sweet potato fries are NEVER crispy. I’ll just leave it up to the experts. Sirarcha mayo? Genius. 

The Peached Tortilla has a permanent location at Guadalupe & Dean Keaton between Cream Vintage and Hole in the Wall that serves up breakfast and lunch. The truck roams around Austin throughout the day, so you’ll have to check their twitter at @peachedtortilla to hunt them down.

Photo credits to Patrick Lu

The Peached Tortilla
Guadalupe & Dean Keaton
Austin, Texas 78705


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