Korean Style Chicken Wings

January 29, 2011

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Hey guys, It’s Patrick again, and this time I thought I’d share a yummy recipe for a Korean twist on fried chicken wings.

My friend Brian went to Korea over winter break and the whole time he kept talking about going out with his friends late at night to get korean fried chicken and beer. I’d imagine this to be similar to us going to pluckers or bw3’s but wayy more popular over there than it is here in the States.

So Brian came over and taught me how to make this really delicious, cheap, and simple recipe:

[tasty-recipe id=”17937″]

Double frying ensures that the wings will be moist and cooked all the way on the inside, while having a really nice crispy crust.

A way to tell if the oil is about 350~ without a thermometer is to use a wooden spoon or chopstick. When the oil is heated a bit, place the tip of the chopstick in the oil. If it starts bubbling steadily, it’s perfect. Too vigorously, it is too hot. If no or few bubbles pop up, it’s not hot enough.

Coat wings with sauce, and serve with your beer of choice. Usually works better with lighter beers.

So at this point we just have some fried chicken wings, totally unseasoned. Now to toss them in some sauce!

I hope you guys try out this recipe! Pretty much all ingredients are inexpensive, easy to find everywhere and used in lots of dishes. A pack of 20 wings is only about 5$… sure beats eating out.
The only exception would be the gojujiang, I put a typical container for it in the image above.  If you do not have a Korean grocery near by (people from Austin have no excuse), I’d figure you could substitute a bit of sriracha mixed with bbq sauce for the gojujiang.
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