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3 Best Spots To Find Cute Animal Face Steamed Buns In Taipei

February 15, 2017

3 Best Spots To Find Cute Animal Face Steamed Buns In Taipei

It’s no surprise that Taipei is filled with plenty of Instagram-worthy food options but the most Instagram-worthy of them all? Cute animal face steamed buns!


Not only are these steamed buns adorable, they also come with sweet and savory fillings like sweet egg custard, sesame paste, and barbecue pork. During my trip to Taiwan, I visited a couple of these spots to eat the cute animal face steamed buns in Taipei!


3 Best Spots To Find Cute Animal Face Steamed Buns In Taipei


The restaurant that started my craze of going to all the spots with cute steamed buns in Taipei. When I asked @taipeifoodie (if you’re visiting Taipei, you have to follow her account for all the best eats in the city!) for an Instagram-worthy restaurant, she recommended 叁和院. We tried all the cute buns at 叁和院 – you can order each bun individually or as a trio. Each cute steamed bun was filled with a different filling – barbecue pork, sesame paste, coconut, cranberry, mochi, and egg custard.

MRT Station: Zhongxiao Dunhua

No. 14, Lane 101, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, Da’an District


Pig Steamed Buns


Yeah, I went out of the way for these pig steamed buns with yellow snot coming out the snout. The egg custard made from duck eggs so it’s sweet and savory. We didn’t try any other dimsum options when we were at 點點心, but the restaurant menu did say they were rated 101 best places to eat in the world by Newsweek Foodie Awards in 2012.

MRT Station: Taipei City Hall

110, Taipei City, Xinyi District, Section 5, Zhongxiao East Road, 68號


Panda steamed buns



Gimme all the cute panda steamed buns with sweet egg yolk custard! If you don’t want to go all the way to Shilin, you can get these panda buns delivered with UberEats.

MRT Station: Shilin

No. 135, Wenlin Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City, 111



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