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Ruggable Review: My 5 Favorite Ruggable Rugs

July 18, 2020

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Best rugs for the bedroom

Absida Polychrome Rug

Ruggable rugs – is this Instagrammable rug really machine washable and worth it? For me, yes! I have three Ruggable rugs in my home and I love how they’re machine washable and come in so many different colors and patterns. 

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Read on for my Ruggable review and the different rugs I have in my home.


Ruggable Absida Polychrome Rug

Absida Polychrome Rug

What is a Ruggable rug?

The Ruggable Rug System comes in two pieces – a lightweight top layer Rug Cover and non slip Rug Pad with velcro. This allows for an easy assembly process.

The low-pile and lightweight Rug Cover is stain-resistant, water-resistant, and designed to fit conveniently in your home washing machine — even the 8×10 size. The easy-to-clean Rug Pad features a nonslip back, which is made of the same latex-free material used in yoga mats.

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Ruggable Metro Multicolor Rug

Minted art (40″ x 54″) | eye mirror | rainbow art (18×24)

Ruggable Rug Pros

  • Machine washable
  • Interchangeable designs
  • Stain-resistant
  • Pet-friendly
  • No-slip and slide


Ruggable Rug Cons

  • Thinner than traditional rugs
  • $25 return shipping fee
  • Long shipping time (mine took 3-4 weeks during COVID-19)



How to assemble Ruggable

The Rug Cover and Rug Pad come rolled up in a long rectangle box. Just roll out the Rug Pad and then roll on the Rug Cover.

  1. Unroll the Rug Pad.
  2. Align the Rug Cover over the Rug Pad.
  3. Allow about a one-inch overhang on each side.
  4. Smooth Rug Cover down to adhere it to the Rug pad. 
  5. Do not tuck the Rug Pad into the Rug Cover. If corners are lifted, pull the Rug Cover up and smooth the corners back down.

I’ve read early Ruggable reviews that the corners rolled up. I think Ruggable has fixed that problem because I don’t have that issue with any of my rugs.


Ruggable review: Suku Terracotta Rug

Machine washable rugs

Thanks to Ruggable’s innovative Cling Effect technology, the Rug Cover can be detached and reattached to the Rug Pad without losing its grip.

I had my Ruggable for about five months before I decided it was time for a wash. The rug still looks brand new with no wear and tear too. It was very easy to remove the Rover Cover from the Pad by pulling on one of the corners and folding it up. Just throw into the washing machine and wash with cold water, and then toss into the dryer (you can also air dry) and reattach it back on the pad. 

I find it relatively easy to vacuum with my Dyson V7 but I do not have a Roomba so I’m not sure if the Roomba works on Ruggable.


Ruggable Metro Multicolor Rug


Basil and Bee have actually never had an accident on any of the Ruggable rugs in the home even though they used to always have accidents on my previous rugs that I’ve had to throw away now. I’ve spilled a drink on the rug and it was super easy to blot with a paper towel.


My favorite Ruggable rugs

I have 3 Ruggable rugs in my home.

Ruggable Metro Multicolor Rug

Home decor: Minted art (40″ x 54″) | eye mirror | rainbow art (18×24)

Ruggable Metro Multicolor Rug

This Metro Multicolor Rug is inspired by the subway maps of a bustling metropolitan city. The urban-inspired motif features clean lines and color blocking in hues of yellow, orange, and green – a decorative accent that offers a dynamic, contemporary vibe. 

This was my first Ruggable rug – I had a shag white & black rug in this master bedroom converted into a faux living room/office that was covered with pet stains and super dirty. I spent months researching new rugs and then discovered Ruggable. Of all the high-traffic areas in the house, this room gets the most traffic. When I switched it out with the Ruggable rug, I loved the pop of color it added to this room!

When I removed the carpet upstairs and switched to vinyl upstairs (engineered hardwood floors downstairs), I knew I’d need a rug. The coffee table is custom made by Stampworthy Goods in Austin. 


Ruggable Absida Polychrome Rug

Ruggable Absida Polychrome Rug

Influenced by Bauhaus artist Josef Albers, the design of Absida Polychrome Rug brings a touch of modern abstract to your home. With mirrored arches in gradated shades of blue, yellow, and red, this rug uses radiating colors and creative composition to elevate your space.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this rug. I added this to my guest bedroom (aka my Instagram bedroom) and it just makes the room so happy. Every morning I wake up, it makes me smile to see the rainbow and pop of colors. 


Ruggable Suku Terracotta Rug

Ruggable Suku Terracotta Rug

The high-contrasting color palette of terracotta and rosegold on ivory highlight the geometric tribal motif of our Suku Terracotta Rug. Rug colors may vary slightly according to your device and the lighting in your space.

I love terracotta color tones so I wanted to accentuate that color scheme in my home by adding this terracotta rug.  


Ruggable rugs

  1. Metro Multicolor Rug
  2. Cambria Ruby Rug
  3. Suku Terracotta Rug
  4. Absida Polychrome Rug
  5. Linear Aztec Black Rug – would look so good for an entryway rug

There are a lot of Ruggable designs (even Disney) on their website!


Ruggable review final thoughts

Do I think Ruggable is worth it? Absolutely. I’ve owned several rugs throughout my home and it’s a nightmare when one of the pets has an accident. Also with all the foot traffic, the rugs just end up looking gross. Ruggable isn’t technically waterproof but it is water-resistant. I love that I can wash the Ruggable rugs and easily switch out the Rug Cover designs!

Ruggable just released their new Plush Moroccan collection and I’m seriously considering getting one of those! 

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