Spooktacular Halloween treats

October 25, 2012

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SPOOK-tacular creepin’ crawlies, a couple a’ brainiacs, and even a few cuppies are workin’ the graveyard shift. Treat friends and family to a fun Halloween celebration that’s a cinch to throw together. Here’s my round up of easy, yet delicious, party foods mingled with simply spooky decorations.

Spooktacular Halloween Treats

Kawaii Halloween Cupcakes

Kawaii Halloween Cupcakes

I can’t get over how Kawaii these Halloween cupcakes with white modeling chocolate are! You can download the Kawaii Halloween modeling chocolate cupcake toppers template via Next Tonicx

Water bottle ghosts

Boo bottles

Cleverly painted water bottles to resemble ghosts to create a unique and spooky beverage- topped off with a black polka-dot straw via Party-wagon.com

Frank’s Nuts & Bolts 

Add a salty mix to the favorite monster’s head for a shockingly fun snack and pair it with plastic test tubes filled with your favorite homemade or store-bought soups. We used a combination of split pea and pumpkin. via Parents.com

BOOcardi Punch bacardi Halloween

BOOcardi Punch 

Something to get you in the mood for Halloween … Try this creepy cocktail at home! via A Taste of Koko

Devilishly Delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes

These are perfect for a seductive grown up Halloween party! via 6 Bittersweets

severed fingers

Severed Fingers

These actually make me quite squeamish. Made from tortillas, hot dogs, and ketchup. via The Peach Kitchen

Dexter Blood edible sugar Slide

Bio-hazard! Dexter Blood Slide Suckers: Eat With Caution!

You know what’s really scary? Ghosts and vampires? Not really; they don’t exist. What really freaks me out is plagues, pestilence, serial killers, bio-hazards via Forkable Blog

Spookamole guacamole Halloween pumpkin


Guacamole is the ultimate party food and the perfect shade of green to thrill the guests at your Halloween party. Serve inside a small hollow pumpkin, with plastic spiders or blue tortilla chips to increase the creepy factor. via Avocados from Mexico

oreo pops mummy

Mummy Bites

Oreo cookies, dipped in white chocolate, then once dry drizzled with more white ”bandage” chocolate, m&m eyes. via Workman Family

mummy hot dogs halloween

Mummy Dogs

Fill hungry tummies with Mummy Dogs, a smile-inducing finger food. Refrigerated breadstick dough makes this crowd-pleaser a cinch to make. For eyes, press capers into the dough before baking. via Better Homes
jello worms straws=

Squirmy Jello Worms

Bowl of worms anyone? Create tasty, edible worms with jello and straws! via Instructables
Which one is your favorite?


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