Food Photo Friday: Viva Las Vegas Roll

September 23, 2011

RA Sushi opened its first location in Old Town Scottsdale in October 1997. Benihana acquired Scottsdale-based RA Sushi in December 2002 and has now expanded to more than 15 locations to the United States. RA Sushi has very extensive selection of different kinds of sushi rolls, nigiri, and speciality rolls. Their appetizers are rocking!

RA Sushi.

Kani kama crab and cream cheese rolled in rice and seaweed. Lightly tempura battered and topped with spicy tuna, kani kama crab mix and sliced lotus root. Finished with a sweet eel sauce and spinach tempura bits. ¡Viva Las Vegas me baby! I LOVE this roll. I cannot stop raving about it. The lightly battered roll is super crunchy and then topped with this super creamy spicy tuna and kani kama crab mix. I couldn’t stop slowly picking away at it. And the sliced lotus root chip? Genius!

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RA Sushi
7501 Lone Star Drive
Plano, Texas 75024
(469) 567-7400

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