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7 Ways To Have A More Productive Week

November 08, 2015

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7 Ways To Have A More Productive Week

You know that feeling you get when it’s the end of the weekend and you realize you have a crazy week ahead? Yeah, it’s no bueno. As a blogger, working for yourself and specifically from home is everything but productive. Here are seven tips to have a more productive week.


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1. Indulge in Sunday brunch

I like to be selfish on Sundays and enjoy activities that’ll kick off my week on a high note. That includes indulging in a delicious Sunday brunch.

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7 Ways To Have A More Productive Week

2. Wake up early

This might seem like the obvious but it’s super easy to sleep in everyday when you work from home. Try setting a consistent schedule to wake up early and knock out those to-do lists.


6 Ways To Have A More Productive Week

3. Say ‘no’

There is power in saying no. I use to accept every meeting request and restaurant tasting but then at the end of the day I wouldn’t be able to get anything done. That would leave me stressed and in a bad mood by the end of the week. Now I make sure to not overbook myself so I can focus on the things I need to do to have a productive week.



4. Give back to your community

I aim to set aside time each month to volunteer at the Austin Animal Shelter (currently fostering 4 kittens!) or even helping to pick produce at the local farms. The People’s Operator (TPO) is a new phone service creating a global community whose mission is to change lives for the better. TPO allows you to donate 10% of your monthly cellphone spend to a cause of your choice, at no extra cost and without sacrificing good service.


7 Ways To Have A More Productive Week

5. Make a list

I live by lists. Grocery lists, daily to-do lists, new-restaurants-in-Austin lists, blog post ideas, and anything that might slip my mind.


7 Ways To Have A More Productive Week

6. Improve your space

I’m super excited to that I’ve been selected by IKEA for their national IKEA Home Tour! They helped me transform my downstairs into a space that I can work and entertain in. Working out of my bedroom hasn’t been productive because my desk is just a couple of feet from my bed.


7 Ways To Have A More Productive Week

7. Workout

Sometimes you just need to step away from the computer and get some exercise to refresh and reset. I’ve been taking pilates, boxing, aerial yoga (above), and yoga classes through ClassPassClassPass is an all-access pass to the best fitness studios in cities around the U.S., London, Vancouver, and Toronto. You pay one fee ($79/month in Austin), which gives you access to all of the classes at any of the studios in the ClassPass system. Traveling? You can also use your ClassPass to take a class in any city!


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