Where To Take Your Tinderella On The First Date In Austin

April 11, 2017

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Where To Take Your Tinderella On The First Date

“I’m gonna marry this girl I met on Tinder”, said no dude ever – so naturally we wanted to know the real deal, first move when it comes to meeting girls via dating app. We’ve asked 7 of our best guy friends where they’d take a new Tinderella on a first date to get an idea of the thought process these Prince Charming’s go through before attending the magic ball.

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Disclaimer: not all or any Tinder dates may actually be like this, but here’s what these dudes claim to do on a first Tinder date.


Topgolf Austin

“Oh jeez. Uchiko happy hour and then Top Golf. Or I like going for rosé at my pool, go for a walk around the lake and then chill at Irene’s if it’s going well. You just want me to ask you on a date.” – Noah Kagan, Internet entrepeneur


White Horse

“My favorite wine spot is Red Room.

My favorite dive bar is White Horse.

My favorite cocktail bar is Roosevelt Room.” – Clement Mocanu JR, beverage director at VOX Table


RA Sushi

“On Tinder dates, I like to keep it light and fun. When choosing a restaurant to take my date, I look for a place with a nice view, lively atmosphere, and tasty plates.

With that in mind, one of my favorite spots is RA Sushi. This sushi bar overlooks downtown Austin and has fantastic happy hour specials.” – Mark Miranda, @realmarkm

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Greetings From Austin

Lenoir is one of those spots with chic and unique decor that’s just as much a convo starter as the food without being overly pretentious. But make no mistake about it, the convo will quickly turn to the food because it’s always on point. Once you’re finished up at Lenoir, meander over to Dolce Neve next door, grab your gelato to go and snap a gelato selfie pic with the ‘Greetings from Austin’ mural. – Hans, Marketing Manager



For my first date, I would have to pick this speakeasy called ‘Garage Bar’ downtown which is tucked away below the infamous McGarrah Jessee Ad Agency. It’s low-key, unassuming, and has an amazing atmosphere to get to know someone in. Add in their hand-crafted cocktails and smooth Jazz; how can you go wrong? – Jacob Berman, Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook


P terry's

Photo Credit: @shelbysorrel

P. Terry’s (any location) — if she doesn’t like P. Terry’s then we have a 0% chance of being together. – Carter


Jane + Chelsea

Photo credit: @realmarkm

I like going to places that encourage conversation, definitely not places like the movies. Walking through the park or going on a small hike seems lame, but it gives you a chance to talk one on one without feeling awkward. – Connor Hall


Paddle Boarding Lady Bird Lake

I like to take my dates on more of a fun adventure than a serious dinner date. I like to go outdoors so I usually set up a date to go zip-lining on Lake Travis or SUP boarding during the warmer months. Dating doesn’t have to be associated with late, dimly lit dinners. Pick something active and fun to allow yourselves to be more carefree. – Weston, Creative Director


King Bee Lounge

King Bee! Located on the East side at 12th and Chicon, this mezcal-focused bar hits all the right notes for a first date. The lighting is subdued, yet romantic and the pizza is LEGIT. I’d suggest taking a seat at that bar and ordering a pair of Billy & Colette Specials. That’s a copita of mezcal paired with a a glass of rosé for sipping. Billy or Colette (owners of King Bee) will tell you all about the mezcal you selected, why it’s special and why they chose to paired it with that particular rosé. If you’re into spirits and wine, the whole experience is super interesting, educational AND interactive. Share some bar snacks and a pizza, then finish with a nightcap before taking a Fasten home. – Bryan Gonzales, Marketing Director of El Chile Group


And there you have it folks, first hand testimonials as to where your next Tinder date may or may not be… you never know, wedding bells might just come next (lol jk).


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