21 Best Wedding Venues In Austin TX

January 09, 2024

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Welcome to the enchanting world of Austin’s premier wedding venues, where every celebration is a unique masterpiece. In this curated collection, we unveil distinctive venues that range from rustic oases to Victorian marvels, each offering a picturesque backdrop for your special day. From the intimate charm of Cactus Moon Lodge in Dripping Springs to the historic allure of Laguna Gloria along Lady Bird Lake, Austin’s diverse wedding scene caters to every couple’s dream.

Wish Well House in Georgetown stands as a hidden gem, seamlessly blending modern elegance with the appeal of a historic urban setting. Barr Mansion, with its Victorian grace, and The Allan House, boasting versatile elegance, capture the essence of timeless romance in the heart of Austin.

As we delve into each venue’s unique features, from glass windows framing breathtaking views to lush outdoor spaces, join us on a journey through Austin’s most sought-after wedding destinations. Whether you’re envisioning a rustic celebration or a chic urban affair, our exploration of these exquisite venues will inspire your wedding planning journey in the vibrant hub of Austin’s energy.

Source: www.cactusmoontx.com

source: www.cactusmoontx.com

Cactus Moon

Dripping Springs

Cactus Moon Lodge, situated in the heart of Dripping Springs near Austin, TX, stands out as an exceptional wedding venue amid the diverse landscape of Austin wedding venues. This intimate event space, spread across 26 acres, combines the rustic charm of a lodge with a picturesque Southwestern ambiance, creating an enchanting setting for couples to celebrate their big day. The venue boasts a generous occupancy of 100, making it suitable for both intimate and moderately sized weddings.

Couples seeking an outdoor wedding will find the scenic landscape of Cactus Moon Lodge to be an ideal backdrop for their wedding ceremony. The venue’s rustic lodge setting enhances the romantic atmosphere, providing a perfect environment for exchanging vows. The on-site facilities and amenities make it convenient for couples to host various wedding-related events, including rehearsal dinners and special events.

Located in close proximity to Austin, Dripping Springs offers easy access for couples and their guests from surrounding areas such as Round Rock, Kyle, and Lake Travis. The venue’s rustic charm, combined with features like glass windows, makes it a sought-after choice for couples in the Austin area looking for the best wedding venues.

Whether planning a small wedding or a grand celebration, Cactus Moon Lodge accommodates the needs of couples, ensuring a memorable wedding day. With a touch of Southwestern charm and a serene ambiance, this venue stands out among Austin wedding venues, providing a unique and picturesque setting for couples to capture their special moments. Engaged couples exploring wedding options in the Austin, TX, area can consider Cactus Moon Lodge as a delightful choice for their wedding celebration.

Venue occupancy: 100



source: www.wishwellhouse.com/

Wish Well House


Wish Well House in Georgetown, Austin, stands out as a unique and sought-after wedding venue that seamlessly blends modern, lofty design with the charm of a historic, urban building. This distinctive event space offers a perfect setting for couples looking to celebrate their big day with contemporary elegance.

The venue’s interior is a showcase of modern design elements, featuring high ceilings adorned with exposed beams and large windows that flood the space with natural light. The inclusion of private prep rooms upstairs adds a touch of exclusivity, while the expansive outdoor courtyard, lush and inviting, provides an ideal backdrop for an outdoor wedding ceremony. The venue’s commitment to blending contemporary aesthetics with historical significance makes it a rare find among Austin wedding venues.

For couples seeking an urban wedding venue with chic finishes, Wish Well House in Georgetown is a hidden gem. Its location in the historic city adds to the allure, making it an attractive choice for those desiring a wedding venue with character and a rich backstory. The venue’s proximity to Austin, TX, including areas like Driftwood, Lake Travis, Round Rock, and the wider Austin area, makes it easily accessible for couples and their guests.

Wish Well House caters to various wedding-related events, offering spaces for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and even rehearsal dinners. The versatility of the venue makes it suitable for both small and special events, providing a welcoming atmosphere for couples with different preferences.

Whether planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, couples can benefit from the on-site amenities and features that Wish Well House offers. The venue’s in-house facilities, including glass windows that enhance the overall ambiance, contribute to a seamless and enjoyable wedding day experience. The venue’s square footage, along with its proximity to notable locations like Rainey Street, Kyle, Pecan, and San Antonio, positions it as one of the best wedding venues in the Austin area.

As couples embark on their wedding planning journey, Wish Well House is a name that resonates positively in the wedding industry. It is a venue recommended by wedding vendors and often featured on platforms like The Knot. The ease of access, combined with the picturesque surroundings, makes Wish Well House a preferred choice for couples and wedding photographers alike.

In conclusion, Wish Well House in Georgetown, Austin, stands out as an exceptional wedding venue, offering a harmonious blend of modern design, historic charm, and convenient accessibility. Its reputation as one of the best wedding venues in the region is underscored by its unique features, in-house amenities, and positive recommendations within the wedding planning community.


source: www.barrmansion.com

Barr Mansion

Barr Mansion, a Victorian-style venue located in the heart of Austin, stands out among the myriad Austin wedding venues, offering an enchanting backdrop for the big day. This picturesque venue boasts lush outdoor spaces, perfect for wedding ceremonies surrounded by the natural beauty of oak trees and wildflowers. With an emphasis on creating an unforgettable outdoor wedding experience, Barr Mansion caters to couples seeking an idyllic setting in Austin, TX, and the surrounding areas, including Driftwood, Lake Travis, Round Rock, and the broader Austin area.

The mansion serves as a versatile event space, providing not only a beautiful setting for wedding ceremonies but also an ideal venue for receptions and rehearsal dinners. Couples can enjoy the convenience of on-site facilities, making the entire wedding planning process seamless. The Barr Mansion stands out as one of the best wedding venues in the Austin area, with its Victorian charm and commitment to offering an exceptional country club atmosphere.

The venue’s appeal extends beyond Austin, drawing in couples from Houston, Dallas, Kyle, Pecan, Rainey Street, San Antonio, and beyond. Its easy access, whether through glass windows that offer breathtaking views or its central location, makes it a preferred choice for special events. Barr Mansion is not only an event center but also a haven for those seeking an in-house wedding experience with dedicated spaces for ceremonies and receptions.

Whether planning a small wedding or a grand celebration, Barr Mansion accommodates varying needs, providing reception space that can be tailored to suit the size and style of the event. With a spacious square footage and meticulous attention to detail, the venue ensures that each wedding day is unique and memorable. Couples can find valuable resources for their wedding planning journey, including connections with wedding photographers, vendors, and guidance from popular platforms like The Knot.

In summary, Barr Mansion stands as a Victorian jewel in Austin, TX, offering an enchanting blend of historic charm and modern convenience for couples embarking on their wedding planning journey.



source: www.austintexas.org

Laguna Gloria

Nestled along the scenic Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TX, this historic mansion stands as one of the best wedding venues in the area. Its picturesque outdoor ceremony spaces, adorned with charming French aesthetics, offer couples a dreamlike setting for their big day. With easy access from Austin, Round Rock, and Kyle, the venue is conveniently located for those seeking a romantic backdrop for their wedding ceremony. The mansion provides an on-site event space, ensuring a seamless transition from the wedding ceremony to the reception. The glass windows in the venue showcase breathtaking views of Lake Travis and the surrounding countryside. As one of the top wedding venues in the Austin area, the mansion caters to small weddings, rehearsal dinners, and special events. For couples looking for the best wedding venues with a touch of history and elegance, this Austin gem, with its in-house services and proximity to Rainey Street, is an ideal choice.


source: www.weddingwire.com

The Allan House

Situated in the heart of Austin, TX, this versatile venue caters to diverse events, from intimate ceremonies to grand receptions. Ideal for Austin wedding venues, it boasts elegant indoor spaces adorned with chandeliers, complemented by picturesque outdoor settings. The on-site event space features easy access to popular areas like Driftwood, Lake Travis, and Round Rock. Perfect for any wedding day, it offers a charming backdrop for wedding ceremonies, rehearsal dinners, and small weddings. With its convenient location in the Austin area, it stands out among the best wedding venues, combining sophistication with the charm of Rainey Street and the allure of San Antonio.




Camp Lucy

Dripping Springs

Perched in Dripping Springs amid rolling hills, this venue offers picturesque outdoor and indoor spaces for weddings. As one of the top Austin wedding venues, it provides an ideal location for the big day. With on-site event spaces, including outdoor areas for ceremonies and receptions, it caters to intimate and grand celebrations alike. Conveniently situated in Austin, TX, near areas like Driftwood, Lake Travis, and Round Rock, it ensures easy access. This event venue boasts features like glass windows, a country club ambiance, and in-house facilities, making it suitable for rehearsal dinners, special events, and small weddings in the Austin area.


source: https://southcongresshotel.com

South Congress Hotel

South Congress

In the heart of downtown Austin, discover an urban oasis providing chic indoor spaces and a rooftop terrace with breathtaking views for your big day. Ideal for outdoor wedding ceremonies and special events, our venue, among the best in the Austin area, offers on-site event space perfect for rehearsal dinners and receptions. Conveniently accessible from Driftwood to Round Rock, Kyle to Rainey Street, our country club-style mansion boasts in-house amenities, including expansive glass windows, accommodating both intimate gatherings and grand affairs. Experience the perfect setting for your memorable wedding day in this vibrant hub of Austin’s energy.


source: https://driskillhotel.com

The Driskill

Discover an iconic downtown Austin wedding venue, providing lavish indoor spaces and upscale accommodations for your big day. Our event space, perfect for wedding ceremonies and receptions, boasts easy access to outdoor wedding options. Located in Austin, TX, our central venue caters to the Austin area, offering the best wedding venues with a country club ambiance. Enjoy on-site rehearsal dinner and reception spaces with glass windows overlooking the picturesque surroundings, including nearby Driftwood, Lake Travis, Round Rock, and Rainey Street. Whether planning a small wedding or special events, our mansion venue is the ideal choice with in-house amenities and square feet.


Omni Barton Creek Resort & Spa

Situated in the scenic Texas Hill Country, this resort combines indoor elegance with outdoor charm amid a golf course backdrop. Offering a versatile event space for various occasions, it stands out among Austin wedding venues, providing an ideal setting for your significant day. Whether you envision an outdoor wedding ceremony or an intimate rehearsal dinner, the on-site facilities cater to all your needs. Conveniently located near Austin, TX, and areas like Driftwood, Lake Travis, and Round Rock, this venue is easily accessible. With a country club ambiance, ample square footage, and picturesque surroundings, it ranks among the best wedding venues in the Austin area for special events, receptions, and more.

source: https://vandlweddings.com

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Celebrate your special day surrounded by native wildflowers at our enchanting outdoor wedding venue nestled in Austin’s heart. Perfect for nature-loving couples, this idyllic space near Lake Travis, Driftwood, and Round Rock offers a charming country club atmosphere. With easy access to Austin, TX, the venue features glass windows, in-house services, and ample square footage, making it one of the best wedding venues in the area. Ideal for small weddings, rehearsal dinners, and special events, create lasting memories in this scenic haven. Our location ensures a magical setting for wedding ceremonies and receptions, providing an unforgettable experience for couples.

source: www.theterraceclub.com

The Terrace Club

Situated in Dripping Springs, this Austin wedding venue presents enchanting indoor and outdoor spaces, affording breathtaking Hill Country panoramas. Tailored for memorable wedding ceremonies or special occasions, the venue offers on-site convenience and a strategic location near Austin, TX, Lake Travis, Round Rock, and more. Catering to both grand celebrations and intimate weddings, the country club encompasses reception areas, a charming mansion, and easy access to popular locales like Rainey Street. Boasting in-house amenities, expansive glass windows, and links to wedding planning platforms like The Knot, this venue proudly stands among the premier wedding destinations in the Austin region.


source: https://waltersweddingestates.com

The Milestone | Georgetown

Discover the epitome of Austin wedding venues at our charming location in Georgetown. Nestled in the heart of the Austin area, our venue offers a perfect blend of elegance and charm, featuring both indoor and outdoor spaces for your big day. With an idyllic outdoor ridge, it’s an ideal setting for wedding ceremonies. Conveniently located near Austin, TX, and easily accessible from areas like Driftwood, Lake Travis, Round Rock, and Kyle, our venue provides on-site event spaces with glass windows, making it a top choice for special events, rehearsal dinners, and small weddings. Trust us for a flawless wedding ceremony and reception space.

source: https://brazos-hall.com

Brazos Hall | Austin

Brazos Hall, a prominent wedding venue in Austin, TX, offers a blend of historic charm and modern elegance. This restored turn-of-the-century warehouse, with its original brick walls and wooden beams, provides a unique backdrop for weddings. The venue features a spacious main hall and a stunning rooftop deck, offering breathtaking views of the city skyline. Ideal for both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations, Brazos Hall is a versatile space that caters to a variety of wedding styles, making it a coveted choice for couples seeking a memorable wedding experience in Austin.

source: www.caminorealranch.com

Camino Real Ranch

Camino Real Ranch, nestled near Austin, TX, offers a unique blend of modern desert aesthetics and Texas terrain, making it a captivating wedding and event venue. Its non-traditional ceremony and reception spaces, characterized by prairie grasses, desert succulents, and stunning sunsets, provide a magical backdrop for special occasions. Just minutes from downtown Austin, this venue combines the allure of West Texas and Baja California landscapes with downtown convenience, offering all-inclusive wedding packages for an unforgettable Texas experience in a relaxed, minimalist setting.

source: www.canyonwoodridge.com

Canyonwood Ridge

Canyonwood Ridge, nestled in the Hill Country of Dripping Springs, TX, and just 20 minutes from downtown Austin, is a captivating wedding venue. This 12,000 square foot venue, surrounded by oak trees and scenic hill country views, is specifically designed for weddings. It offers an outdoor ceremony site and an indoor Chapel, providing flexibility and picturesque backdrops for up to 300 guests. The Chapel ensures an indoor option against unpredictable weather, adjacent to a large Reception Hall for a seamless transition. Canyonwood Ridge combines dramatic views and Hill Country elegance with simplicity and adaptability, making it an ideal choice for a perfect wedding day.

source: https://luckyarrowretreat.com

Lucky Arrow Retreat

Lucky Arrow Retreat, nestled in Dripping Springs, Texas, is the epitome of Hill Country elegance and the premier destination for glamping. Renowned as the Glamping Capital of Texas®, this retreat offers a unique blend of rustic charm and modern aesthetics with its luxury cabin rentals and yurts. Ideal for both solo travelers and large groups, Lucky Arrow Retreat provides a picturesque setting for memorable events, ensuring every stay is an experience in comfort and style amidst the serene beauty of Texas Hill Country.

source: https://cdn0.weddingwire.com

One Eleven East

One Eleven East, nestled in downtown Hutto near Austin, TX, is a historic urban loft venue listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Built in 1893, this venue has been meticulously restored to preserve its original architectural details while adapting to modern needs. It’s an ideal space for intimate weddings and private events, featuring an open main area, built-in bar, loft, skylight room, and outdoor courtyard. Just 20 minutes from Austin, it offers an elegant, timeless setting, combining urban charm with a peaceful, small-town atmosphere, perfect for creating unforgettable experiences.

Source: www.facebook.com/RoseHavenVenue

Rose Haven Bakery and Event Venue

Rose Haven Bakery and Event Venue, established in 2023, is a magical destination in the heart of Texas, perfect for hosting memorable events. This historical landmark, dating back to the 1860s, has evolved from a general store to a unique event venue. It features gorgeous gardens, a striking courtyard, an outdoor pavilion, and chic indoor spaces, capturing an atmosphere of timeless elegance. Rose Haven is renowned for its versatile event spaces, including an in-house bakery and private classrooms, making it an ideal choice for celebrations, corporate events, and more.

source: https://springdalestation.com/kymberlie-alec

Springdale Station

Springdale Station, a unique urban event venue in Austin, offers a blend of historic charm and modern amenities. Once a bustling train station, it now serves as an ideal setting for unforgettable weddings and events. Located just 8 minutes from downtown Austin, it boasts ample indoor and outdoor space, stunning historic backdrops, and a local team of passionate event planners and coordinators. Springdale Station is dedicated to providing world-class services, ensuring each event is memorable and unique, perfectly balancing traditional elegance with contemporary style.

source: www.tripadvisor.com

The Cedars Ranch

The Cedars Ranch in Wimberley, Texas, is a breathtaking wedding and event venue, offering a blend of modern architecture and natural beauty across 20 acres of Texas Hill Country. This wilderness retreat is adorned with mature live oak trees, creating a serene backdrop for special occasions. It features a resort-style pool, pickleball courts, bocce ball, and hiking trails. The venue is perfect for those seeking a contemporary yet rustic setting, with amenities that cater to relaxation and enjoyment in a picturesque environment.

source: www.facebook.com/thelineymoon/

The Liney Moon

The Liney Moon, nestled near Austin, TX, is a captivating wedding venue known for its unique blend of modern luxury and natural beauty. This venue, ideal for those seeking an unconventional yet elegant setting, offers a variety of spaces to accommodate different wedding sizes and styles. With its stunning outdoor areas and stylish accommodations, The Liney Moon provides a perfect backdrop for both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations. Its proximity to Austin adds convenience for guests, making it a top choice for couples looking for a memorable and distinctive wedding experience in the Austin area.

source: www.villaantonia.com

Villa Antonia

Villa Antonia, a gem nestled in Jonestown, Texas, offers a slice of Tuscany in the heart of Texas Hill Country. This enchanting venue, reminiscent of the rustic charm and rolling hills of the Italian countryside, provides an idyllic setting for weddings. Couples can immerse themselves in the beauty of Villa Antonia, experiencing the allure of a European escape while celebrating their special day. With its picturesque landscapes and elegant architecture, Villa Antonia stands as a premier choice for those seeking a unique and romantic wedding venue in Texas.

source: https://vuka.co/event-space/wedding-at-vuka/


Vuka, a unique venue in Austin, TX, offers two distinctively designed spaces that blend modern aesthetics with a sense of community. Known for its dynamic event spaces, Vuka specializes in hosting a variety of events, including weddings. Each location, Vuka at Bouldin Creek and Vuka at North Loop, boasts its own unique charm. Bouldin Creek features a Bohemian design with nature-inspired decor and a beautiful outdoor space, while North Loop offers a modern, eclectic atmosphere with floor-to-ceiling windows and creative workspaces. Vuka is an ideal choice for couples seeking a venue that combines contemporary design with a warm, community-focused ambiance.

source: ttps://www.facebook.com/junkgypsywanderinn/

Wander Inn

Wander Inn, a hidden gem in Austin, TX, offers a whimsical and intimate setting for wedding celebrations. Known for its eclectic charm and rustic elegance, this venue provides a warm, inviting atmosphere, perfect for couples seeking a unique and personalized wedding experience. Surrounded by natural beauty, Wander Inn features beautifully landscaped grounds and cozy, artistically designed spaces, making it an ideal choice for those who desire a wedding with a blend of rustic sophistication and creative flair.