Must Visit Austin Spot for Sashimi Fresh From The Deep Sea

December 10, 2014

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Tadashi is at the helm of Chef Sun Il, a native Korean who grew up fishing in the Sea of Japan. Now living in Austin, Sun is flying in fish and delicacies from Japanese fish markets namely the Tsukiji Market, the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world. The results are beautiful and delicious Japanese fusion dishes such as Tuna with Goat Cheese (pictured below), Wild Game Gyoza, Baby Tako with Chile Mango Salsa, and live fish. Yes, live fish. Live scallops and clams are sliced and prepared in a manner that compliments their fresh taste.

Tadashi, meaning “the right way,” boasts an extensive and authentic Japanese menu that is unlike anything else in the Texas Hill Country. Located in the Hill Country Galleria, Tadashi features traditional Japanese sushi and delicacies with a contemporary twist. Executive Chef Sun Il focuses on vibrant flavors and unique offerings, choosing only the freshest seasonal fish to showcase at Tadashi. Tadashi fills its menu with authentic Japanese delicacies as well as classic favorites made with high quality ingredients, upholding standards of simplicity and excellence in every meal. Dishes such as Live Scallops, Toro Tartare and Bluefin Belly are executed beautifully with unique twists.

Take the scenic drive to Bee Caves to expand your palate and taste Tadashi’s specialties at their freshest.


Tadashi Austin – Must Visit Spot for Sashimi Fresh From The Deep Sea


Tadashi Sushi Tadashi Sushi Tadashi Sushi

Tadashi Sushi Austin


Fish Sampler.

Tadashi offers 4 different sizes that range from $40 to $100.  You also have the option of choosing all nigiri, all sashimi or a mix.  This specific box is all sashimi.  What goes in the sampler varies each and every time.  From left to right, top to bottom is Kampachi (Amberjack), Suzuki (Wild Seabass), Saba (Fresh Mackerel), Wild Tako (Wild Octopus), Hamachi Belly (Yellowtail Belly), Madai (Japanese Snapper), Houbou (Red Gurnard), Maguro (Tuna), Hirame (Flounder).


Tuna with Goat Cheese

Tuna with goat cheese.

Big eye tuna, Okinawa yam, goat cheese, pumpkin seed oil and spicy miso



Belly Trio.

Assorted tuna, salmon and yellowtail belly sashimi.

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