7 Best Spots For Bubble Tea In Austin

May 01, 2023

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Best Bubble Tea In Austin

I love boba tea (bubble tea) and there are so many new spots that have opened in Austin. I’ve tried them off and here are my best boba tea shops.

But first, what’s tapioca? Tapioca pearls (balls) are sweet, chewy balls made with tapioca flour that can be found in Asian desserts and bubble tea. Bubble tea (or boba tea) was invented in Taiwan (where I’m from!) that’s tea with milk and tapioca balls.

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best boba tea in Austin

ChiCha San Chen

吃茶三千 ChiCha San Chen is the newest boba place in Austin that’s from Taiwan! 100% Taiwanese teas and each tea is specifically measured and brewed for a specific amount of time. They’ll even do a tea tasting with you so you can try each of the teas. 

What to order: Dong Ding Oolong Tea + Fresh Milk 凍頂烏龍+香醇鮮奶 and Tea latte with taro ball 鳳眉紅茶+香醇鮮奶+慢熟小芋圓

6501 Airport Blvd #100, tx.chichasanchen.com/


Feng Cha

Feng Cha brings a modern twist to boba drinks with its creative concoctions. Indulge in their Instagram-worthy drinks, like the vibrant butterfly pea flower tea, lychee, red bean, or the indulgent chocolate latte. Feng Cha is known for their special cheese foams. You won’t want to miss their charming ambiance either!

What to order: Summer melon (watermelon, 4 seasons spring tea & lemon), oolong tea with cheese foam

609 Clayton Ln, fengchausa.com


Gong Cha bubble tea in Austin Texas

Gong Cha

While I like supporting local bubble tea shops in Austin, I just love how consistent the boba is at Gong Cha and how the bubble tea isn’t too sweet. Gong cha is a bubble tea chain headquartered in Kaohsiung, Taiwan with over 1,500 locations worldwide. The teas are sourced from tea estates in Taiwan. Gong Cha has traditional milk tea, milk foam, slushes, and tea lattes.

I like the Earl Grey milk tea 3J’s  – the 3 J’s are boba, pudding, and herbal jelly. It’s fun to drink and eat! 

What to order: Earl grey milk tea 3J’s 

2021 Guadalupe St, 3210 Esperanza Crossing suite #126, & 13201 Ranch Rd 620 N #206, gongchausa.com


Kung Fu Tea - bubble tea in Austin

Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu Tea used to be my favorite bubble shop in Austin until Gong Cha opened. I still love the classic oolong milk tea with boba.

Kung Fu Tea specializes in milk caps that’s a salty thick milk cap on top of the bubble tea. They also have vegan bubble tea. 

What to order: Milk strike, milk cap, or the Kung Fu Milk Tea.

2001 Guadalupe St #A & 9070 Research Blvd Suite #102, kungfutea.com


ShareTea - bubble tea in Austin


I would go to ShareTea more often if it wasn’t in North Austin. ShareTea is a chain but this store is locally owned. Choose from fruit tea, milk tea, brewed tea, fresh milk tea, mojitos, and iced blended.

I like the QQ Happy Family Milk Tea that comes with a lot of different toppings. 

What to order: Hokkaido Pearl Milk Tea, Okinawa Pearl Milk Tea , or QQ Happy Family Milk Tea.

13343 US-183 #275, shareteaaustin.com


Tapioca House

When I was going to school at UT Austin, I would eat here a couple of times a month. The combo meal comes with a free green or black tea ($1 more to upgrade to a milk tea). I loved the 147 crispy chicken nugget or the 154 spicy beef noodle.

The bubble tea definitely isn’t that great but the combo meal makes it a great deal. 

What to order: 147 combo meal

1906 Guadalupe St, tapiocahouseatx.com


Coco’s Cafe

Next door to Tapioca House is Coco’s Cafe on Guadalupe across from UT Austin. The bubble tea at Coco’s Cafe is better than Tapioca House with a different variety of slushies, smoothies and fruit teas. 

What to order: Pasion fruit slushie and almond milk tea

1910 Guadalupe St, cocos-cafe.com

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Bambu Dessert & Drinks

Bambu is located the shopping center of MT Asian Supermarket next to New Fortune. I usually like getting a bubble tea from Bambu after getting dimsum at New Fortune on Sundays. 

The drinks at Bambu aren’t your typical bubble tea with just pearls but with a lot of different toppings like pandan jelly, fresh coconut, basil seed, and more. My go-to is the Bambu favorite with red tapioca, grass jelly, pandan jelly, and coconut milk. 

What to order: Bambu favorite

10901 N Lamar Blvd, drinkbambu.com



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