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Banger’s Ultimate Sunday Brunch for Meat Lovers

September 28, 2013

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Dudes, this one is for you. Ladies, come hungry. Banger’s Austin is one of best dog-friendly restaurants in Austin with the biggest tap wall, incredible selection of sausages and live music.


9 reasons why Banger’s is the ultimate Sunday brunch spot


Banger's Austin, Rainey Street

Massive outdoor seating with live music on Sunday’s.

Rock on.


Dog friendly, Austin, Restaurants, Banger's

Dog friendly!

Always pet friendly with a large dog pen in the backyard, Banger’s offers half-off all pints as well as free dog training and surprise treats from Tomlinson’s Pet Store on Mondays at Mutt Happy Hour (5-7pm).


Chicken Spinach and Sun Dried Tomato sausage, Banger's Austin

It’s all about the sausage.

Duck, chicken, pork and antelope. Take your pick. Chicken Spinach and Sun Dried Tomato pictured below.


Banger's Austin

Hello beer drinker’s paradise.

Banger’s has over 100 brews on tap, including a consistently rotating number of craft and local beers. Photo Credit: Tyler Malone


Manmosa, Banger's Austin, Banger's, Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch wouldn’t be the same without a mimosa. \

But this is no ordinary flute of orange juice spiked with bubbly.. Banger’s serves up a Manmosa. One liter of champagne with a splash of orange juice, the perfect cure for a hangover.


Kitchen Sink, Meat, Banger's, Banger's Austin, Sunday Brunch

Try the Kitchen Sink.

Their version of beef tongue hash covered with two fried eggs, side of creamy grits, bacon steak, spicy sausage and country ham.


Banger's Benny, Banger's, Austin, Sunday Brunch, Ultimate Brunch, Eggs Benedict

Let me introduce you to the Banger’s Benny.

Braised pork belly on toasted English muffin with poached egg and smothered with hollandaise sauce with a mountain of chipotle dusted shoestring potatoes.


Steak and Eggs, Banger's, Banger's Austin, Sunday Brunch, Steak and Eggs for brunch


The steak and eggs don’t disappoint.

Marinated skirt steak is grilled and served with handcut American fries and topped with two fried eggs (because one isn’t enough) and herb butter.


And while you’re here, why not get a Banger’s tattoo? It’s on the house.


Banger’s Austin
29 & 81 Rainey Street
Austin, TX


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