Thanksgiving Round Up

November 22, 2011

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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite food holidays! There’s so many different sweet and savory dishes to create and play with. I made two turkeys last year, one for Patrick’s potluck and one that I donated to a student organization. And this year I made… two again! Yes I am turkey obsessed. Although, not as obsessed as I am with pumpkins. I bought one for myself, and two for Basil (my dog). I bought him a pumpkin costume as well.

This past weekend was Patrick’s potluck and I made a  on my turkey recipe from last year. I present to you bacon wrapped turkey! The bacon keeps the turkey moist and adds another dimension of flavor. One turkey was for Pat’s party and the other one is for Basil. It’s his first Thanksgiving!

Bacon Wrapped Roast Turkey. Thanksgiving isn’t the same without the turkey. It’s seriously not that hard to make. The secret is wet brining for more than 24 hours. Bacon isn’t mandatory.
Pumpkin Baked Ziti. Baking the ziti inside of a pumpkin really gives that extra boost of pumpkin that you can taste even in the ziti pasta and you get a little of smokiness sausages. Recipe

Green Bean Casserole is a must have for the holidays. It’s the most simple dish that you can make but it tastes so good. Tender green beans smothered with a creamy sauce and topped with crunchy, flavorful onions. Click for recipe.

Dressing. Surf and turf edition.


Pumpkin Cheescake. Pumpkin pie, meet cheesecake. Cheesecake, meet pumpkin. Nothing screams Thanksgiving more than pumpkin pie. However, I just can’t eat that much pumpkin baked inside a pie crust, which is why cheesecake is the perfect pair. Together they form one pie with the best of both worlds. The cream cheese gives the pumpkin a smooth, silky texture that just melts in your mouth. I guaranteed this pumpkin cheesecake will be the creamiest cheesecake you’d ever had. And the turtle topping? Gives an nutty explosion of flavor that contrasts with that smoothness. Don’t expect any leftovers. Recipe


Let me know about your Thanksgiving cooking triumphs and disasters!

Here’s mine: I had everything prepared down to the second until I realized 2 hours before cooking that my turkey pan wouldn’t fit into my ultra mini oven.


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