Bubble Tea at Teapioca

August 24, 2011

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Photo courtesy of Tea Lounge

The Tea Lounge provides the wide selection of the Teas, Coffees and Smoothies with Tapiocas. They have more than dozen of tapiocas that the customer can choose from. This brings teas, coffees and smoothies drinking to a whole new different level. Their vision is not limited to drink or food menu, and they want to create an environment that everyone can come, enjoy and socialize. The Tea Lounge are a place for students, families, and business to exist side-by-side on our couches.
Tea Lounge is famous for their cream teas.
What is cream tea? Cream tea is a blend of non-dairy (lactose-free) creamer and Jasmine Green or Black tea. This blend makes our cream tea smoother, creamier, tastier and gastronomically friendlier than the more popular milk tea. Although, if milk tea is your cup of tea, we do have, in lieu of non-dairy creamer, whole milk, 2% milk, skim milk, half and half, soy milk, condensed milk and probably a few more since this was written.
The Tea Lounge.

Tapioca Green Tea with Cream.
I always get this one when I go to Tea Lounge.. along with another bubble tea. To save for later, you know? This is no simple green tea my friend, it’s much better.
Just remember it’s the number 3, not the number 1, which is tapioca cream tea. Number 3.
Avocado Cream Blend.
Freshly sliced avocado blended with cream. Smooth, silky, and it’s good for you! No really. Avocados may be high in fat but it’s the good fat, monosaccharide to be specific. And they’re high in potassium, even more so than bananas, and have a high fiber content. High avocado intake lowers blood cholesterol levels so drink up!
My friend added grass jelly to her Avocado cream blend.
Red Bean Cream Blend.
Red beans blended with cream with your choice of toppings. My friend Alan said that the red bean bubble tea was a bit grainy which is common for any red bean or mung bean blend but other than that, it was delicious.
Passion Fruit Cream Blend.
I love passion fruit! It’s incredibly hard to find in the United States. In Taiwan they use fresh passion fruit in bubble teas but I’ll just have to settle for the powdered mix. Still good though!
Green Apple Slurpy.
A customer swears by their green apple slurpy and loves the addition of basil seeds. Basil seeds have a gelatinous outer texture with a crunchy center seed.
Taro Coconut Cream Blend.
Another one of my favorites but better. I’ve always had taro cream bubble tea but I’ve never had taro coconut cream bubble tea. The coconut definitely adds another dimension of flavor.
While it’s all about the drinks, don’t forget about the sinkers. Sinkers are “toppings” that you can add to your drink to make it more fun. My favorite sinks are tapioca, egg pudding, and coffee gelatin (especially with almond bubble tea).

When I come with friends, it’s always a full round of drinks! Two drinks per person, no joke. Tea Lounge has a bookshelf of games so we’re notorious for staying for more than an hour. Even three hours for a intense game of UNO.

The Tea Lounge
1700 W. Parmer Lane, Suite 210 
Austin, TX 78727 
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