Kome (Austin, TX)

September 04, 2012

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Kome Austin

I was a huge fan of sushi a-go-go. The quality sushi served out of a food trailer put restaurants to shame. The trailer has since been shut down and transformed into a cute and cozy restaurant that is perfect for serving Japanese cuisine.

Kome, which means rice in Japanese, serves a lunch and dinner service that features a variety of Japanese dishes. Sushi rolls are from Sushi a-go-go’s original menu, along with some new favorites. I originally visited Kome for a friend’s birthday and because I wanted to try their ramen. Unfortunately, they only serve ramen for lunch but I did enjoy their dinner menu. I visited Kome again on a different occasion to try the ramen.

Lunch at Kome Austin.

Kome Japanese ramen

Spicy ramen. With kimchi and variety of toppings.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much but I pleasantly surprised. The broth was flavorful and spicy but not overpowering with kimchi acidity. The noodles were perfect. Not too hard and not too soggy. Definitely a staple for the Austin’s cold months to come.

Fried panko pork chop

Katsu Teishoku.

Deep fried panko pork with a side salad, clear soup, rice, and Japanese pickles.

Dinner at Kome.

Kome Vegetarian Roll
eel roll

Superfly Roll. BBQ eel, salmon skin, masago, yama-gobo, cucumber with go-go sauce and eel sauce, with sliced green onions on top.
Texas Surf and Turf Roll. Temperature shrimp, beef, candied jalapeno, avocado, cilantro with Texas green sauce.

Kome tuna salmon sushi roll

Crunchy Dynamite Roll. Spicy tuna, avocado with crunchy tempura flakes.
Trio Roll. Tuna, salmon and yellowtail.
Tekka-maki. Tuna roll.

tonpei yaki

Tonpei-yaki (Kansai style). Grilled pork and cabbage with egg with special sauce. Not my favorite but my friends loved this.

Japanese fried chicken Austin

Tulip Kara-age. Deep fried marinated chicken drums.
The group agreed that the skin wasn’t as crispy at Popeye’s Chicken but it was lacking in flavor and perhaps a sauce.

Green tea parfait

Green Tea Parfait. Perfect ending to a light meal. Green tea panna cotta with green tea ice cream and red bean. Comes with two pocky sticks.
Kome Austin
4917 Airport Blvd.
Austin, TX 78751
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