Hill Country Pierogi (Austin, TX)

May 31, 2012

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Hill Country Pierogi austin texas

Hill Country Pierogi 

was opened on October 12, 2011 to bring handmade Polish Pierogi to the people of Texas!

We found that may Austinites are transplants from the “Pierogi Pocket” of the Mid-West and Northeast and they have fond memories of growing up with these addictive little dumplings. Many others have never heard of pierogi and we’re having a great time introducing locals to their new favorite food.

Pierogi are a true labor of love – from making dough that achieves the perfect chewy-but-soft texture to assembling each dumpling by hand. Unfortunately most people don’t have time to make their own pierogi these days. Hill Country Pierogi does! They proudly make each of their pierogi individually, by hand and from scratch.

Hill Country Pierogi offers traditional fillings like potato and cheese but we also push the gourmet envelope with locally sourced ingredients like Aurelia’s Spanish Chorizo and “trendy” favorites like Short Rib and Kimchi. They’ve exchanged the goodness of Sour Cream with flavors like Sriracha, Chipotle and Bourbon Brown Sugar. We didn’t get to try the sweet pierogi varieties such as Blueberry Cinnamon and Apple Pie topped with homemade Dulce de Leche and whipped maple mascarpone but I’ll definitely be heading back for some.

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I was invited along with 5 other bloggers to meet with Brittany of Hill Country Pierogi and try her amazing pierogis.

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stuffed cabbage
Amazing Stuffed Cabbage. Homemade and rolled daily. Lean ground beef with carrots, celery, onion, rice and a blend of spices wrapped in tender cabbages leaves and simmered in homemade roasted tomato sauce.
kimchi pierogi


A pizza inspired pierogi with pepperoni, fresh Mozzarella, and provolone cheese.

Korean Short Rib and Kimchi

One of my favorites. Loved the contrast of tender, flavorful beef mixed with a spicy, crunchy kimchi.

Marker’s Mark Pulled Pork

The flavor on this pierogi is incredible! Smoky Pulled Pork mixed with a sweet and savory Marker’s Mark sauce.

pierogi austin texas


Obsessed. Spicy black peppercorn bacon with sweet caramelized onion and potato.


Mushroom, spinach, gorgonzola, potato. This pierogi is a homage to a trip to Venice with my mom


My top favorite. While the traditional pierogi is simple, the flavor is delicious and makes me crave for more. Filled with potato, cheddar cheese, and milk sauteed onion. Brittany’s Polish grandma’s recipe.

pizza pierogi

Homemade sauces to pair with the pierogis.

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brittany hill country pierogi
Come on by to Hill Country Pierogi and say Hi to Brittany! Hill Country Pierogi uses locally sourced ingredients and works with Smokey Denmark, Aurelia’s Chorizo, Fredericksburg Farms and TexaFrance.

Hill Country Pierogi
E 11th St & Lydia St
Austin, TX 78702
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