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Food Photo Friday: Miso Marinated Mero

July 08, 2011

I have this huge index of photos of all the restaurants I have dined at in Austin with reviews that have yet to be written. So I figured instead of letting them sit in my harddrive might as well start a Food Photo Friday. Inspired by Michelle from Foodie Is the New Forty.

Miso Marinated Mero.

Freshly seared mero that is so tender that it just falls apart in your mouth. But wait! Smothered it with that gorgeous, rich orange sauce. It’s served over a bed of wilted spinach, maitake mushrooms, and beautiful carrot and ginger reduction. Seconds please?

For more dishes from The Carillon, visit my review. 

Daniel Curtis, the assistant director of Food & Beverage at The Carillon recently experienced a life-altering accident. He is now in Houston at a rehabilitation facility. Help contribute to assist Daniel to defray a size-able rehabilitation expenditure by attending the benefit dinner on July 13. For more information, visit http://www.benefit4daniel.org/.



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