Fleming’s Steakhouse Happy Hour

October 23, 2010

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Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is the ultimate steakhouse destination for food and wine lovers seeking a stylish, lively memorable dining experience. Nationally renowned for its Prime beef and steakhouse fare, Fleming’s is equally celebrating for the Fleming’s 100, its award-winning wine program that features 100 wines by-the-glass. Fleming’s was founded on the premise that a steakhouse can be sophisticated yet comfortable and not overpriced. Fleming’s offers an engaging ambiance and lively environment, where one can enjoy great food and a broad selection of fine wine, which is further complemented by attentive and knowledgeable service. Fleming’s Price Steakhouse & Wine Bar features USDA Prime corn-fed beef, aged to perfection and hand-cut. All steaks are seared at extremely high temperatures on gas broilers to seal in the beef’s natural juices and flavors. Critically acclaimed for its simple far, the restaurant services fresh vegetable family-style. Tempting desserts are made from scratch every day include the Chocolate Lava Cake and Creme Brulee. [Source: flemingssteakhouse.com]

Fleming’s Steakhouse Happy Hour

Tenderloin Carpaccio, Fleming's Steakhouse, Happy Hour

Tenderloin Carpaccio.
Thinly sliced raw tenderloin. Served with a bed of shredded basil and shredded egg. Drizzle of caper creole mustard sauce and red onion. Comes with a side of toasted rosemary sourdough with melted Parmesan cheese and paprika.
I’ve never had shredded egg. I thought it was mozzarella, coulda fooled me. But shredded egg? Genius. Didn’t even know that was possible. Because there was light seasoning on the tenderloin, the true flavor of the meat shined through.

Sweet Chile Calamari, Fleming's Steakhouse, Happy Hour

Sweet Chile Calamari.
Lightly breaded calamari and fried to perfection. Tossed with a sweet chili sauce. The calamari was tender and flavorful in every bite. Dare I say? Fleming’s has taken the crown for best calamari in town.

Seared Ahi Tuna, Happy Hour, Fleming's

Seared Ahi Tuna.
Smoked ahi tuna seared on the pan and then sliced into pieces. Served with a side of fresh vegetable salad which consisted of ginger, jicama, and carrot slow. Comes with a drizzle and side of spicy mustard sauce.
Is there anything more sexy than a plate of ahi tuna? Look at that rosy pink color! The smoky flavor complemented the sweetness of the ahi tuna perfectly. And the sauce? Is very spicy. Not a long lasting spice but a instant fire in your mouth that wakes you up. My taste buds were tingling!

Wicked Cajun Barbecue Shrimp, Fleming's Steakhouse, Happy Hour

Wicked Cajun Barbecue Shrimp.
Juicy jumbo shrimp marinated in a cajun sauce with a flair of garlic and spices. The sauce is highly savory and addicting. It even comes with slice of bread to soak up all that yummy goodness. It’s like they were reading my mind!

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Fleming's Steakhouse, Happy Hour

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail.
Three jumbo shrimp with 4 dollops of chipotle horseradish cocktail sauce. Served over a fresh vegetable relish consisting of celery, tomato, red onion and a drizzle of cilantro oil. Comes with a grilled lemon.

Fleming’s is an A+ in my book. It is the ultimate destination for food and wine lovers seeking a stylish and lively experience. My friends and I were stuck in traffic so they dropped me to go find parking while I ran into the restaurant very frazzled minded. The hostess opened the door for me, greeted me, and directly me to the bar. I ordered all the appetizers and a drink for myself while waiting on my friends. The bartenders Michael and Hunter are some of the friendliest that I have met. Both very attentive and knowledgeable on the food. Go check them out! Even though I did had a very embarrassing lemon incident… Interested? Well I was very determined to get this lemon off the fork. So with the help of Michelle, I was pulling on the stubborn lemon and next I know.. it goes flying across the bar and knocks over a drink. Yes, it was very humiliating. Even more so when all the bartenders were laughing their heads off. At the end, it was a very enjoyable experience. Fleming’s is a sophisticated steakhouse but at the same time, the atmosphere and people who work there make it comfortable.

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