Dog cupcakes

April 09, 2011

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I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive. – Gilda Radner

The apartment has chaos lately… there’s a new member of the family. He’s currently 16 weeks, 5.6 lbs, about 1 ft tall… meet Basil! Yes, I am that much of a foodist.. to name my own dog after my favorite herb. He’s a purebreed Maltese that is full of fluff. You’d be surprised on how much energy this little guy has. He literally runs laps up and down the hallway at 10 mph.

He’s slowly grasping the concept of potty training, but he still likes to see how far he can push the envelope. I’d tell you this hilarious story when Basil took advantage of Felicia and peed right in front of her when she was on the porcelain throne but she’d kill me. 


This is my first puppy, so I’m still learning! Maltese are more prone to staining on their white coat so it’s tedious. Right now he’s on a diet of Blue Buffalo, 1 egg yolk/day, doggy treats (homemade by Felicia & me!) and steamed carrots. He loves steamed carrots…maybe it’s just me but I find that hilariously funny. He also loves raw hides like no other…

Basil’s typical day starts off with Mother Nature calling in the morning. Then huge bursts of energy have him run laps up and down the hallway. After his morning run, he starts wrestling and play fighting with Leo (Felicia’s dog), eating his food and Leo’s food before he begins chewing on random objects in the apartment. He seems to particularly like silverware and chopsticks. (Taking after his mommy!)

Then Mother Nature calls again. But as an outdoor pottier-in-training, coupled with his mischievous personality, Basil leaves us a nice stinky pot of ‘gold’ in the room. And sometimes he throws in a ‘gold stream’.

Then it’s nap time, which leaves one hour of blessed silence before the chaos starts all over again. He then tries to eat whatever I’m trying to do a photoshoot for. (He’s managed to run off a dollop of whipped cream and macaron. I was not happy.)

The day then wraps up with a walk in the neighborhood where his big eyes seduce every girl he meets along the way.

Thankfully we have Leo, who has been such a good role model for Basil. Leo is Basil’s big brother! He is a one year old Chow Chow/ Border Collie/Lab mix. Felicia rescued him from the Humane Society of Williamson County. If you’re looking for a dog, I highly recommend saving a furry friend from a shelter. There are dogs getting put down every day.

Basil’s favorite hobby is pushing Leo’s buttons. He likes to steal whatever is in Leo’s mouth or try to put Leo in a headlock. But make no mistake, Basil loves his big brother. It funny how Basil always wants what Leo has, what Leo is sniffing, what Leo is chasing. etc…



If you are interested in updates on Basil, check out his blog at Hints of Basil.

Dog Cupcakes.

I used my classic chocolate cupcake recipe.  With a small piping tip, I pipped white frosting for the base of the hair and then went back over for the ears and muzzle. Black icing for the eyes and nose and red for the tongue.



I’ll leave you a picture of the dogs with the guys at the dog park 🙂


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