September 30, 2010

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Blu Cafe Bar & Lounge is a European cafe styled lounge where you can visit for a quick made-to-order breakfast taco, coffee and fresh pastry or to just relax and enjoy a tasty muffin or scone, while sipping on a Lavazza espresso. Our Lavazza expresso is the best you will find in Austin! Try a smoked salmon or chicken pesto grilled panini, bruchette or pizza, or choose a salad from the basic to specialties, such as the apple walnut for your lunch or dinner. Come for happy hour or an evening drink and dessert. In addition to the world’s best coffees, our beverage selection is extensive from beers to wines, mixed drinks and fruit smoothies, to a diverse list of specialty martinis. Join us on Tuesdays for live jazz or weekend DJ music. We can cater for your special events too! Bring your friends and make yourself comfortable at Blu Cafe Bar & Lounge!

The atmosphere confused us — were we in a club, a cafe, a coffee shop? It wasn’t quite comfortable enough to be a place where we wanted to just lounge, and the DJ seemed out of place at noon on a Sunday with lots of families and late risers (some pajama-wearers). 

This place has the appearance of a will be successful establishment.  The decor is modern, it’s in a up and coming location, it has the opportunity to snag new patrons (people spilling over from mulberry, the sunday church crowd that goes to the Austin Music Hall, urban residents), but Blu lacks the careful thought that other cafes have put in to their process and in personnel training.  

Your typical frozen boxed pizza. The crust was heavy and chewy.
Major, major disappointment.


360 Nueces street
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 904-5666


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