Bagpipes Pub

October 05, 2010

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The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind. -Humphrey Bogart.

I’ve never been to Britain nor have I ever been to a pub. However Bagpipes Pub looked like a modern sports bar with cartoon red walls decored with random medieval pieces. The waitresses add to the british/irish theme with their short, plaid, kilted skirts. Their regulars seem to come here for the flat-screen TVs, video games and the bar, or even maybe the waitresses. Definitely not for the food. Or maybe not even the drinks, which are reputated for being flat.

Fried calamari.
One word, chewy. And prepacked marinara sauce.

Grilled chicken pasta.
Rotini pasta, cream sauce, steamed broccoli and grilled chicken. The sauce was runny and thin and the broccoli wasn’t fresh, tasted like the ones from the frozen aisle. Actual chicken wasn’t bad though.

Irish style smoked salmon. 
Smoked salmon and Irish soda bread with sliced boiled egg, cream cheese, diced onions and capers. Quality of the salmon wasn’t up to par and the ‘soda bread’ tasted more like stale Cinnamon bread with raisins.

Fish and chips. 
Three cod fillets battered and fried. This is what they are known for so fortunately it wasn’t that bad.

Have you ever wondered what a Scottish Hooters would look like? Well come on in. Bagpipes Pub is where sports bar meets Irish pub. The food is pretty bad. They do have $0.35 wings on Mondays and $2 burgers on Tuesday that are really $2.75. You have to wonder what’s in the food. Other than the fish and chips, I wouldn’t come here. In fact, I wouldn’t even come here for fish and chips. The waitress, who was dressed in a short, Irish theme school girl outfit, made us wait a little longer than she should have. But she was pretty attentive throughout the meal.

Bagpipes Pub
9070 Research Blvd.
Austin, TX 78758


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