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How to Make the Best Egg & Avocado Toast

December 08, 2014

Avocado Toast

If there’s one thing I could eat for any meal of the day, it would be buttered, toasted bread. Ciabatta bread specifically. In a perfect world, I would eat this three times daily, with melty cheese, sprinkle of garlic salt, roasted tomatoes, or mashed avocado.

Enter the avocado toast, topped with a fried sunny side up egg. Perfect for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. Avocados are packed with healthy fat and nutrients, and Goldrich eggs are a great source of protein.

[tasty-recipe id=”17983″]


Avocado Toast 3

Not only is this super simple dish the easiest way of many ways to get your daily dose of the beauty and health-boosting superfood, it’s super yummy! You could take things up a notch by adding sliced tomatoes, bacon, cheese, or a simple salad. But, this is already, really good.

Avocado Toast 8

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