10 course at Uchi (Austin, Texas)

March 27, 2012

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The Uchi menu is customized to lead guests through an experience. With that in mind, we still want to expose people to things they may have never tried, like eel. – Chef Tyson Cole 

4 hours, 10 courses, and friendships were made at a night at Uchi, Austin. Since the opening of Tyson Cole’s first restaurant, I’ve been to Uchiko 4 times but never to the original Uchi. It was just how everyone described it to me. Traditional but modern at the same time. From the moment I stepped into Uchi, the red patterned wall paper and fabric covered chairs instantly reminded me of a traditional Japanese restaurant. But the food served on white plates is far from it, in a good way.

I had the pleasure of dining at Uchi along with Michelle from Foodie Is the New Forty, Sonia and Sood from Austin Food Ratings, Mike from A Mike’s Life, Laura from Way Out West Austin, thanks to Alex, Rachel, and Sam from Tasted Menu. Rachel contacted us a while back asking if we would be interested in being the first contributors for their launch in Austin. This was a perfect opportunity because 1, I love food, and 2, I have a extensive collection of photos of restaurants in Austin.

Tasted Menu is a Boston based start up that lets diners share their dining experiences and expertise while discovering new dishes and restaurants at the same time. View my profile here!

Uchi Austin

Kaki Kankisu

Freshly shucked Welfleet oysters with hennepin foam and thai chili.

I love it that Uchi pays attention to the detail of temperature of seafood. Oysters and sashimi slices are always served over a bed of ice.

Seafood should be consumed chilled and not at room temperature.

The oysters shooters were the perfect appetizers to begin the meal.

Hirame Uszukuri

Flounder sashimi with citrus and olive oil. Topped with quinoa.

I’ve never had flounder sashimi but I have to say, I like it.

The quinoa adds a beautiful texture to the delicate fish.

Kani Midori 

Peekytoe crab with kaffir lime, green papaya and nuac mam gel.

Who names a crab, peekytoe crab? The image of a timid crab with a tiny toe peeping out immediately pops in my head.

I had to do my research when I got home. They’re actually a type of Atlantic rock crab and the name comes from their leg that has a sharp point that points inward.

The natural sweetness of the crab plays beautiful with the fish sauce gel.

Kanburi Crudo

Yellowtail with an avocado puree, lime, diced tomato, ginger and shallot

Hotate to Yaki Imo

Diver scallop with a foie gras dressing, sweet potato, and spring greens.

I can’t look at salad dressing the same ever again. A foie gras based dressing? It’s almost too luxurious to enjoy.

Fukokoa Selection.

Hiramasa (strip jack), renkodai (golden snapper), and kaiwariaji (jack mackerel).

Tai Beetsu 

Pink snapper with various roasted beets, verjus, sorrel, and a garlic puree. A stunning dish that was difficult to photograph. 

Look at the beautiful on that beet slice!

Foie Gras Sushi 

Foie gras with fish caramel and red quinoa.

This was the first time I’ve had real foie gras and I have to say, I’m in love. More like obsessed.

Wagyu to Uikyou.

Short rib, with fried fennel, rhubarb, and tangerines.

I cannot express how amazing this was. The beef was literally melt in your mouth tender. The slight charring on the outside gave the waygu beef immense flavor.

Simply amazing.


Green apple sorbet, buttermilk white chocolate creameaux, fennel shiso, marcona almonds.

I am normally not a dessert person but well done Philip Speer! The flavor of the green apple sorbet pops on your mouth!

All of these pictures wouldn’t been possible without Michelle’s awesome book light which cracked me up all night. Doesn’t it look like antennae? She should totally make an headband of out them!

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Uchi Austin
801 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 916-4808


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