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4 Reasons To Stay At Tru by Hilton

November 14, 2018

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In collaboration with Tru by Hilton & Kellogg’s. Thank you for supporting the brands that support A Taste of Koko!

Breakfast in bed

Last weekend I went to Bryan, Texas to stay at Tru by Hilton to check out their Tru Top It Breakfast Bar featuring Kellogg’s. Tru by Hilton is a brand-new hotel experience from Hilton with a vibrant and comfortable designed space that’s perfect for the tech-savvy millennial traveler like me!

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What “truly” makes Tru by Hilton a unique experience is the opportunity to get creative at the Tru Top It Breakfast Bar. Tru Top It Breakfast, which offers an endless number of customizable breakfast items, features Kellogg’s cereals, including Raisin Bran, Special K and Froot Loops, and a mix of 35+ other toppings for busy travelers to mix and match when on-the-go. Guests can make the most of the large, eccentric lobby and take advantage of the fast Wi-Fi and workspaces, all while enjoying their custom-made breakfast. Whether you’re a travel enthusiast looking for value, a tech junkie, or an avid foodie, Tru by Hilton will meet your every need and the Top It Breakfast Bar will fuel your food whims.

My stay at Tru by Hilton was the perfect quick, weekend getaway with everything I needed for an energetic and relaxed experience at an affordable price. Everything from grabbing a quick breakfast at the Top It’ Breakfast Bar featuring Kellogg’s in the morning and getting some work done in the lobby filled with outlets before exploring the city. Here are 4 reasons why you should book your next stay at Tru by Hilton.


Tru by Hilton Tru Top It Breakfast Bar

Tru Top It Breakfast Bar

Tru Top It Breakfast Bar

Tru by Hilton


Tru by Hilton features a complimentary hot breakfast every morning in the lobby with scrambled and hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, fresh fruit, DIY waffles, bagels, and Kellogg’s cereals. If you like cereal, you’re going to love the Tru Top It Breakfast because it’s filled with Kellogg’s cereals, including Raisin Bran, Special K, and Froot Loops! Are you a Raisin Bran lover? Or Special K? I like mixing Special K with Froot Loops for my own cereal bowl creation.

Tru Top It Breakfast has 35+ toppings so you can build your own breakfast masterpiece. I like the chicken sausage with a toasted plain bagel, and a hot waffle with a dollop of yogurt topped with Special K and Froot Loops.


Tru by Hilton Tru Top It Breakfast Bar

Sweet or savory waffles

Tru by Hilton

Tru by Hilton


I admit I was a little too excited to see waffles and not just ordinary waffles… waffle boats! Waffle boats mean that you can stack the waffle with all the toppings you want. I created both a Koko savory and Koko sweet waffle boat – which one would you pick?!

The Koko savory waffle boat has scrambled eggs with a chicken sausage and covered with syrup. The Koko sweet waffle boat has yogurt with Kellogg’s Froot Loops – I even color coordinated the Froot Loops!


Tru by Hilton lobby

Tru by Hilton

Tru by Hilton board games


From the moment I walked into Tru by Hilton, I loved all the vibrant colors and realized how minimal, functional, and tech-forward the lobby was designed. The lobby is filled with different tables and sound-dampening work pods that all have OUTLETS – perfect for the modern and millennial traveler like myself that is always doing work on-the-go. Plus, there’s a 24/7 FREE COFFEE station that serves coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.

I was so excited to discover the drawers in the lobby filled with all kinds of board games and even coloring pencils and markers. We stayed in that night, called in food, and played board games in the room!


Tru by Hilton


Y’all – the Tru by Hilton beds are one of the comfiest beds that I’ve slept in. I’ve been traveling so much this past month that I desperately needed the afternoon nap after I checked in and I slept in the next morning. I really liked the minimal, colorful designs of the hotel room. Even the cute sayings on the soap dispensers.


Although Tru by Hilton & Kellogg’s sponsored this post and provided me with a hotel stay, all opinions and content are my own.


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