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Hello Kitty Restaurant

August 13, 2010

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Hello Kitty Restaurant, Taiwan, Taipei

hello kitty menu, hello kitty restaurant, taiwan, taipei
Welcome to the Hello Kitty Restaurant. Yep, the 1 billion dollar annual Hello Kitty trademark is slowly taking over this world. Stuff animals, home decor, credit cards (Bank of America), clothes, accessories, hospitals, theme parks, airplanes, hotels, and now, restaurants. The moment you step into the cafe a girl dressed from head to toe in pink greets you and takes you to your table while you are blinded by massive amounts of pink and pink and more pink. The floor, walls, tables, chairs, and anything else you can possibly think of is either in pink or decorated with Hello Kitty. If you love Hello Kitty, then welcome to heaven.

Hello Kitty Restaurant.

Classic Caesar salad with a bugle chip.

Potato soup.
Was not a fan of this. The soup was rather thin and a slight sweet flavor.

Hello Kitty Restaurant, hello kitty dinner roll, taiwan, taipei

Classic dinner roll.

Baked shellfish with cheese. 
We weren’t very sure what this was. Some sort of shellfish smothered with spinach and cheese then baked.

Hello Kitty Restaurant, Hello Kitty burger, Taiwan, Taipei

Hello Kitty shaped cheese hamburger.
I was actually very surprised by how juicy the meat was. Taiwan is known for its fresh seafood and not for the beef. None of that Grade AA good ol’ American hearty meat. However, the meat was good inch thick of juiciness.
Served with a pickle spear and crunchy fries.

Hello Kitty Restaurant, Hello Kitty bread bowl, Taiwan, Taipei

Chicken curry.
The quality of the curry was very creamy. Topped with Hello Kitty shaped carrots.
Placed in a Hello Kitty shaped bread bowl.

Hello Kitty bread bowl, Hello Kitty ice cube, Taiwan, Taipei

Mango slushie. 
I’m not talking about that artificial flavored junk. 100% pureed mango and ice. Topped with 3 scoops of mango ice cream, slices of fresh mango, and an Hello Kitty fruit juice ice cube.

Chocolate slushie. 
Full of chocolately goodness and a mound of whipped cream. Topped with chocolate curls, a chocolate cookie, and an milk strawberry Hello Kitty chocolate.

Mango mousse cake with a dollop of whipped cream. 

Dessert trio.
Consisted of two fruit baskets made out of toasted sesame seeds and chocolate curls, and a creme brulee. Fruit baskets included strawberries and lychee. Decorated with chocolate curls.
The sesame seeds were over toasted, which left an awful burnt after taste in my mouth.

Classic creme brulee.
Made with real Madagascar vanilla. Decorated with an dusting of powdered sugar shaped with Hello Kitty’s face.

Mini classic cheesecake with caramelized sugar on top and an Hello Kitty chocolate piece. Comes with a side of fruit (strawberries and pineapple).
Powdered with Hello Kitty in matcha powder.

Chocolate cake.
Accompanied with fruit basket made from toasted sesame seeds and powdered matcha powder.
Also comes with a side of fruit.

Hello Kitty bread bowl, Hello Kitty jello, Taiwan, Taipei

Hello Kitty shaped jello.
The texture of this jello was rather interesting. Jello is usually on the watery side but this was on the dry side, if that makes any sense. They probably added more pectin than water. I suppose it is to keep the shape of Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty cake, Hello Kitty Restaurant
Overall, I was impressed. I was expecting meager overpriced food with Hello Kitty fluff. However, the quality of the food is pretty good and they do put effort into details. You also get a good amount of food. I split a meal with a friend and we were both full. It’s a six (or seven?) course meal which contained: a salad, soup, dinner roll, appetizer, main entree, jello dessert, slice of cake, main dessert, and drink.
Reservations are highly recommended. The general audience are young couples and younger children. This seems to also be a popular birthday spot. There were at least 3 birthdays going on when we were there. They also had the birthday song on repeat several times, which got a little creepy. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Hello Kitty. I actually have a Bank of America Hello Kitty credit card. This is a fun spot to hang out with girlfriends or friends.

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