5 Best SXSW Food Trucks

March 11, 2014

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Austin’s best bets for a quick lunch or dinner have taken to the streets, building up huge fan bases that have taken the city’s culinary scene by storm. We’re talking mobile restaurants on four wheels serving up gourmet food. Here are five trucks worth chasing down at SXSW.


5 Best SXSW Food Trucks

Chi'lantro Kimchi fries

Chi’lantro BBQ

Home to the original kimchi fries, Chi’lantro BBQ is a Korean barbecue and Mexican fusion taco truck. Downtown partying wouldn’t be the same without making a stop here.

What To Order: Kimchi fries & bulgogi burger
SXSW Location: Austin Convention Center, SouthBites, and 5th & Colorado (free tacos on March 11 from 6-8pm)

Peached Tortilla

Peached Tortilla

Flavors have no boundaries at The Peached Tortilla. Try their Asian and Southern influenced gourmet tacos and sliders. Best pork belly tacos in town!

What To Order: Pork belly tacos
SXSW Location: SouthBites and Austin Convention Center

Garbo's Lobster Truck


Garbo’s serves up a taste of New England with the freshest lobsters rolls in Austin. This family business runs traps in the Northeast and overnights fresh crustaceans daily. The hardest choice you’ll have to make is Maine (classic chilled lobster salad with mayo) or CT style (lemon-tarragon drawn butter and scallions)?

What To Order: Lobster rolls
SXSW Location: SouthBites

Jeni’s Ice Cream

Jeni arguably makes the best artisan ice cream around with bold flavors and a creamy texture that makes you come back for more (like 5 days in a row). You can find Jeni’s Ice Cream scooping at SXSW and popping around Austin throughout the week. The SXSW menu includes salty caramel, the milkiest chocolate in the world, brown butter almond brittle and lemon & blueberries.

What To Order: Salty caramel & brown butter almond bitter
SXSW Location: SouthBites

Are we missing your favorite SXSW Food Truck? Leave a comment below!

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