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Virtual Date Night With UberEATS

August 04, 2016

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Virtual Date Night With UberEats

You probably didn’t know that every thing I post on A Taste of Koko (my blog, Instagram, Snapchat, ect) is what I’m going through in real life. But one of the things I’ve tried to keep private is my relationship. So today what I’m sharing with you is something that is very personal, and near and dear to my heart.

Earlier this year, Eric and I transitioned to a long-distance relationship when he moved to San Francisco. This was a first for the both of us, and it has been really hard, for me.

Food is such a big part of our lives that I wanted us to continue to have date night. We started to use UberEATS to order our meals for date night every week, catch up over FaceTime, and watch Netflix together. After a couple of virtual date nights, it became a weekly event.

Thanks to UberEATS, I look forward to virtual date night with Eric every week! UberEATS has been a great supporter of A Taste of Koko in the past year. I’m so excited when I mentioned to the team that we were using the UberEATS app for virtual date night, they wanted to help us share our story.


Videography by Dos Mundos Creativethank you so much for the beautiful videography! Food in video is from Hillside Farmacy.


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Virtual Date Night With UberEats

Eric and I have been dating for 3.5 years. We first met in 2007 at the University of Texas Austin when we were both freshman. We had a short fling but things didn’t work out. If you ever ask us what happened, you’ll hear different stories from the both of us. Fast forward to 2013 – Eric just moved from Dallas to Austin and I was still food blogging in Austin. After a couple of dates at Lick Ice Creams, Zed’s Restaurant, and home-cooked meals, we started dating officially after a brunch at Contigo.

At the time, Eric thought it was super cool to date a food blogger because he was my lucky plus one for all of the restaurant media tastings. That is until he gained 30 pounds in the first year (he hates it when I share this story). 🙂


Dining at Alcomar

He’ll tell you about all the painful times he’s had to wait for me to finish taking photos of our food before he could eat it. And that he’s never had hot food.



And the time he didn’t make Valentine’s Day reservations.


Ocean's Beach

Ocean's Beach

Eric is very single-minded. As a software engineer, he loves to work and can stay focused on the computer for the entire day. I’m easily distracted and tend to work spontaneously. Usually I work on a blog post while editing photos on Photoshop, uploading an Instagram picture, and watch Netflix – all at the same time.

Even though we both work a ton, at the end of the day we love eating. When we’re not eating out, we’re ordering food through the UberEATS app and staying in to watch our favorite shows on Netflix.


Eric & Jane

In addition to our virtual date nights, I also like to surprise Eric with food deliveries during the week to his office! We wanted to share our favorite Austin and San Francisco restaurants on the UberEATS app:



  • Hillside Farmacy – shrimp and hand cut pappardelle, and cheese plate
  • Noble Sandwich Co – PBLT sandwich, The Noble Pig sandwich, Seared Beef Tongue sandwichm and soup of the day.
  • PhoNatic – Pat’s plate, filet mignon pho, banh mi sliders, and Thai tea
  • Tam Deli and Cafe – #27 Bun thit nuong, and banh mi
  • Burro Cheese Kitchen – Waylon & Willie, and burning mac sandwich
  • Austin Daily Press – Jalapeno hush puppies and mozzarella + olive tapenade panini
  • Garbo’s Lobster Food Truck – Garbo’s Connecticut lobster roll
  • Unit-D Pizzeria – caesar salad and sausage pizza
  • Chi’Lantro – rice bowl, street corn with chips, and Korean fried chicken wings.



  • Buttermilk Southern Kitchen
  • Teaspoon
  • Koja Kitchen
  • Million Thai
  • Shanghai Dumpling King
  • Jane – this is a cafe in SF 🙂
  • BobaPioca
  • Big Chef Tom’s Belly Burgers
  • Mission Minis


Virtual Date Night With UberEats

Thank you for letting me share this with you. If you’ve been in a long-distance relationship, I’d love to hear your thoughts and tips in the comments below.


This post is brought to you in collaboration with UberEats. Thank you for supporting the brands that support A Taste of Koko!


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