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The Lob Haircut & Balayage – Everything You Need To Know

May 07, 2015

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The Lob Haircut & Balayage - Before & After

Photography by CourtPie Photography

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been feeling uninspired by my hair. It was way too long and had become a limp mess to where I was throwing it up in a topknot every single day. So I reached out to hair stylist Lauren Phillips at local Austin salon, Sabia Apothecary, for advice and help!


Sabia Apothecary

Established as a modern apothecary in 1994 in Austin, Texas, Sabia is rooted in the old world traditions of natural healing remedies and botanical formulations, while tirelessly searching for the newest offerings in the ever growing beauty and wellness market. Their hand-picked selections from around the world make up an exclusive selection of brands. Check out their services here.


Tell me about Sabia and your background. What makes Sabia special?

Lauren Phillips, Sabia ApothecaryI came to Sabia in search of the perfect space after many years spent working in both local Austin salons and a huge salon in Manhattan. It appealed to me because of the serenity and amazing product selection.

I love that everyone who works here is such an expert and it feels much more special than any other place I have worked. We have hard to find products and in my humble opinion the best staff ever!! It also doesn’t hurt to come to work in such a beautiful space everyday. – Lauren Phillips


The Lob Haircut & Balayage – Everything You Need To Know


A Taste of Koko Sabia Apothecary

Long Straight Asian Hair

Sabia Apothecary Austin Hair Salon

About My Hair

I have naturally fine, straight hair that needs to be washed every day (I hate the feeling of greasy hair!). It’s challenging to get any volume or to hold a curl. My hair also grows pretty fast, I had to cut last July and now it’s already down to my butt. Needless to say, I was in desperate need of a chop.


Haircut Pep Talk

Haircut Pep Talk

It’s important to communicate with your hair stylist on what you’re looking for and ask for their opinion on what will work for you – your face shape and skin tone. I knew I wanted to go shorter but was afraid of getting a lob (long bob) and I’ve never had my hair professionally dyed before. Lauren talked me through the options and suggested a longer lob with a natural balayage highlights.


A Taste of Koko hair cut

Cutting Hair

Hair Cut Sectioning

Hair On Salon Floor

Lob Haircut

Introducing the longer lob!

Goodbye 9 inches, and hello shorter hair! Now onto the hair coloring.


Balayage Austin Sabia Apothecary Hair Salon

What is balayage? What makes it different from ombre?

Balyage is a beautiful high lighting technique originating in France. There are many ways to do balyage but typically it creates a very soft and natural gradation of color from roots to ends mimicking the way hair would be lightened by the sun. I love it because it grows out beautifully. – Lauren


Balayage Hair Painting Balayage Technique

Does it require a lot of maintenance?

No! That is why it is a great option for those of us (self included) that don’t want to be a slave to color appointments. You can make it more or less dramatic depending on how much you are able to maintain however, my goal is for my clients to be able to go months between visits.


Sabia Apothecary

A Taste of Koko

Soft Shiny Hair

After shampoo, conditioner, and hair gloss (asdf), my hair was super shiny and soft!


How To Blow Dry Your Hair

Hair Blowout

How To Add Volume To Hair

Tips on adding volume?

Hi-lights will automatically add some volume boosting texture to hair. Hair color is really important to the overall look of the haircut! If you don’t color your hair, my favorite product for lasting volume is the Kevin Murphy Body Builder. It is like old school mousse but with a modern feel. Put a puffy tennis ball size in damp hair and comb through to distribute it from scalp to ends. Use high heat at first, blow drying the crown section straight up with your hands. An attachment nozzle on your dryer helps to keep it smooth while building body. Use a large round brush when hair is 80% dry with medium heat. Finally, smooth it into a loose bun on top of the crown and let it cool for about  5 minutes. Tah Dah!! Va Va voom touchable hair! (add smoothing serum or hairspray depending on your hair type and weather)

Curled Lob Hairstyle

Curled Lob Hair

What’s the secret to perfect curls? And to making them hold?

The secret to perfect curls that last is this: set it and forget it!

If you wrap hair around a hot curling iron and then pin the curl up to cool, it should last until you need to wash again. It helps to use a good heat protecting product that has an anti humidity ingredient as well to repel frizs and flatness. Make sure you use smaller sections if your hair doesn’t typically hold curl well or if it is short- a large barrel is best for volume and longer hair.

Lastly, don’t take the pinned curls up until COMPLETELY cool and try not to touch!


A Taste of Koko Sabia Apothecary A Taste of Koko Sabia Apothecary A Taste of Koko Sabia Apothecary

Introducing my new do! Dare I say it? I’m feeling like a new woman! I loved my experience at Sabia – the atmosphere was quiet and relaxing. Highly recommend!


Photography by CourtPie Photography


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