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Shopping Smarter At The Grocery Store With Flipp App

February 10, 2017

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How To Shop Smarter At The Grocery Store

With the new year in full swing, I’m all about saving more this year and spending less. Blogging expenses can add up! Another goal is to reduce the number of times I run to the grocery store. I’ve partnered with Flipp App to show you how to shop smarter at the grocery store and more importantly, save money!

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Flipp App (iOS / Android) is a free shopping tool that delivers all of your weekly grocery store flyers so you can easily plan your shopping trip, find the best deals, and save more money each week. You can save between 30% – 40% on the items you’re already shopping for! Enter your zip code and Flipp loads flyers from every local retailer and coupons for top brands in groceries, health & beauty, and more.

My favorite new in-app features are:

  • Photo List – Upload your handwritten shopping list to Flipp and watch it become magically transcribed! Now, Flipp smartly finds local deals for everything on your shopping list.
  • Store Mode – Plan your shopping trip in advance with store mode. When you open up Flipp in store mode when shopping at the store, the app organizes your shopping list by store aisle. Game changer!
  • Family Sync – create your shopping list, share with a friend, family member or significant other, and co-shop. That’s right! You can cross off items or add to the list in real-time so items are not forgotten.


How To Shop Smarter At The Grocery Store

How To Shop Smarter At The Grocery Store

How To Shop Smarter At The Grocery Store


For those of you who like to write out your grocery list with pen and paper (like me!), Flipp accommodates that. Write out your grocery list, open up Flipp, scan with the Capture Shopping List tool, and your handwritten shopping list will appear digitally in the app. Even works with messy handwriting like mine.

I was so impressed that Flipp even sorts your grocery lists by categories so you can shop more efficiently at the grocery store. No more wandering around the grocery store to hunt down items!


Flipp App Store Mode


Do you get lost in the grocery store every time you’re trying to find a particular item? Story of my life. Flipp’s store mode sorts your shopping list by aisle to help you find what you need, and get you in and out of the grocery store faster.


How To Shop Smarter At The Grocery Store


Hosting a party? Share your shopping list with a family member or friend so everyone knows what’s been picked up already. When you add items or cross them off at the store, don’t worry, you and your friend are always looking at the same updated grocery list.

Just tap the “Invite” button on the Shopping List to share. Click “Share Invitation link” and send the invitation to your friend. Once they open the link and accept your invite, your shopping list will instantly be combined and synced.


Shopping Smarter At The Grocery Store With Flipp App


Love that Flipp shows me at a glance all the weekly deals at my favorite grocery store, like 5 for $5 avocados! Tap on the desired item on the digital flyer and the deal will get marked in a yellow circle, and it gets added to your grocery list to remind you to pick up those avocados.


Shopping Smarter At The Grocery Store With Flipp App

The Flipp app is free and available for iOS and Android. Download Flipp on iOS and Android, and visit https://app.flipp.com and share how much you saved.


This post is brought to you in collaboration with Flipp app. Thank you for supporting the brands that support A Taste of Koko!


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