Easy Crawfish Boil Recipe

June 11, 2011

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Crawfish Boil

Easy Crawfish Boil Recipe

The number one that excites me the most about summer is crawfish boils (other than margaritas and swimming). I actually started crawfish boiling early on this, around April. Hey, I couldn’t wait. Don’t judge me :). Other than heading over to Lousiana for the biggest crawfish boils, I’ll have to do my own at home.

Crawfish, Crawdads, Freshly caught crawfish
This was Basil’s first crawfish boil and he surprisingly loves it. Or he loves playing with them before they go into the boil. One of the crawfish made the great escape from the bin, fell down the kitchen counter and right in front of Basil, where he promptly ran off with it and refused to give it back to me.

Dog meets crawfish

Crawfish boil with corn

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Crawfish can last up to two days in the fridge. Keep them in a container without water and cover with a wet cloth and they’ll go to sleep. Before cooking, clean them thoroughly until the water runs clear. You don’t want any of that dirt and debris going into your crawfish boil!

Easy Crawfish Boil at Home

I recommend eating this outside if possible. Cover the tables with newspaper to avoid a mess. I like eating the tail meat but a lot of people enjoy the juices from the head.
Enjoy! And don’t expect any leftovers.


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