Lucky Layla Farms

July 17, 2012

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Lucky Layla Farms

MOO from Lucky Layla Farms!

I was fortunate to visit this special farm in my visit to Dallas a couple of weeks ago. On the way to the farm, I was thinking ‘How can there be a farm in the middle of Dallas, the largest metropolitan area in Texas?’ Past the large identical houses and Collin Community College, we soon hit a large grassland.

Lucky Layla store
Lucky Layla does have a store where you can purchase their yogurt, cheese, caramel, milk, and other products! You can also find their products at Whole Foods in certain states.
Lucky layla drinkable yogurt

Lucky Layla’s famous drinkable yogurt! I use to drink these in college, super convenient!

This creamy delight is all-natural with real fruit pulp, no additives, no preservatives, active probiotic cultures LD. Bulgaricus and S.S. Thermophilus. Lucky Layla Farms drinkable yogurt is low in sugar, sodium and cholesterol.

Comes with lots of flavors. First time I tried the custard apple and I love it!

Lucky Layla milk caramel

I saw this Milk Caramel out of the corner of my eye when I was tasting the yogurt and I had to take it home.

Super yummy with apples!

The clerk recommended me to try it with iced coffee.

If you ever get the chance, come tour the farm and meet the cows that produce the superior products! 
I learned a lot about cows and how to milk the cows. Lucky Layla uses Jersey cows, a smaller breed of cows, which produce a high butterfat content milk. The cows are milked twice a day. 

Pasture where the cows are allowed to roam free! 

lucky laya cows

Lucky Layla Farms
2025 Wall St Suite B 
Garland, TX 75041


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